Day 97 Jenny Graham 14227 miles with 2295 miles left to Halifax Nova Scotia. The Flying Scot. Going great !

Day 97 going like a train ! From Jenny Joachim RoRosenlund “hmmmm no not quite 🙈🙈 actually lost some serious time – yikkkes!!! Still on target for the record but would need a miracle to make 110days 😭 I think i l lost 4days in Asia , 2 in NZ and a couple in Alaska. #alwayslatebutworththewait🐢🐢”

You are going great young lass we are all willing you on a great effort!

Stay strong and cycle safe !

Heavy xxx

Its been a bit windy in the UK nothing like Jenny has come across but still you have to watch where you go. Lots of debris about from trees.

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Wild weather yesterday – the wind is the killer !

Yesterday there was a day of wild winds and heavy rain I am in Alloa on a golf week and we never went out ! Winds especially scare me and it was bad enough in Stirling I cannot imagine what was happening in the mountains or the sea. Trees were damaged and weather warnings issued and the power of nature was there to see!

As a 7 and half stone lad in my early days I was regularly blown over in the hill. I learned to cope or exist at times on Call outs it was hard going and dangerous and find that a lot of folk do not respect the weather.

In the mountains the wind can be a killer and I have seen big men thrown about on the hill! There is little you can do and if near a ridge or steep ground you are pushing your luck!

It’s well worth reading the weather reports and understanding what a wind can do. It does not matter how hard you are Nature is the power player here! I have had my epics in wind over the years and have huge respect for its power. Do you ?

Mountaineering Scotland have some great advice:


Unlikely to affect your balance, but be aware that this is the wind speed that will create the severest wind chill.* A temperature of 0 degrees will be equivalent to -10 degrees. Add a windproof outer layer. Secure map and compass. Goggles will be very useful in winter conditions.


Starts to affect the balance of a fit/strong adult. You may find that your foot does not quite land where you had planned it to. May be wise to avoid exposed ridge lines, rough underfoot terrain and keep away from exposed edges. Risk of frost nip** on exposed flesh if the temp is below zero.


Walking will be arduous. You will need to brace/lean into wind, and energy output will be significantly increased. Risk of being blown off balance/sideways. Navigation will be challenging: get your back to the wind and down on one knee to ensure a stable platform to read your map, then put your map safely away in a pocket.


Walking will be VERY challenging and exhausting. Keep a wide stance, perhaps linking in arms with a weaker member of the party. Move between gusts and brace yourself when a gust arrives. Get off the hill by the easiest and safest route staying well away from ridge crests and corrie rims.


Attempting to walk in 60-70mph winds is dangerous, and there is a high risk of being blown over and suffering injury. Stay away from difficult underfoot conditions or exposed edges and get off the hill as soon as possible.


You’re having a laugh! Seriously though, folks, if you are seeing a wind speed of 70 mph or more on the mountain forecast, this is the time to head for a walk in the glen. If you do get caught out in this strength of wind, go with the wind, avoid exposed ridges/corrie rims, link arms. You may even have to resort to crawling to get across a particularly exposed section and get down to a more sheltered area as quickly as you can. I have been physically picked up and thrown several meters by the wind on the Cairngorm Plateau, fortunately with no serious consequences.

Nature takes no prisoners ! Worth a thought ?

Add heavy snow and no visibility ?

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An update on what is planned for the Celebration of Ted Atkins Life – Sat 20 th Oct in Brodick the Isle of Arran .

This is from Shona and Lewis.

“Just wanted to give people an update on what is planned for the Celebration of Ted’s life.

The church service will be in Brodick church at 2pm, will be conducted by my Dad, and will last for approximately 35 minutes.

We had then planned to go onto the Douglas Hotel in Brodick, however, the only function room the hotel has is the dining room, and because they already had bookings for rooms, it could only be made available to us for a couple of hours. So, my apologies to those who have booked rooms on the strength of the event taking place there, but I can’t do anything about it now. However, I suggest that those of us who are already on the island, and who want to, get together at the Douglas Hotel bar on the Friday evening. That will give people a chance to meet each other beforehand, and will give Lewis and I, the opportunity to speak properly to more people than we might otherwise manage to do. We plan to get there at around about 7pm.

After the church, we have the church hall booked for 2 hours, and tea, coffee, sandwiches, and cake will be laid on. At the gathering at the church hall, if anyone wants to stand up and speak about Ted, do a slideshow, or whatever, that would be the time to do it. Perhaps somebody might like to co-ordinate that for me?? Alternatively, if anyone wants to do something then, perhaps you could post a message on the Facebook event page, state what you want to do, and how long you want, and then I can try and organize a programme for that.

I am also hoping that we might have a pinboard in the hall, on which people can put photos which bring back special memories, if they want to.

Thereafter, we are going to the Ormidale Hotel, which is a5 minute walk from the church. It is not available for our exclusive use, but I think that we have so many people coming that it will be difficult for anyone else to get in!!

The Ormidale serves bar meals from 5 pm onwards, and if people want to, they can purchase a meal there. However, Laura who runs the hotel has asked that those who want bar meals telephone her, at the Ormidale before 2nd October (when she goes on holiday) stating that they are part of the Atkins Celebration group. The Ormidale number is 01770 30 2293. The bar meals are pretty much typical pub grub, but the food is good, and it is reasonably priced. Whilst she does not take bookings as such, it would just be helpful to know how many she is likely to have to cater for. We suggest that as many as possible get to the Ormidale by 5 pm.

For those who want an alternative (or maybe just a break!) they can book in for meals at the Douglas Hotel (01770 30 2968), Brodick Bar (01770 30 2169), or the Auchrannie Cruize Bar Brasserie (01770 30 2234). There are obviously other good places too, but these are just some recommendations.

In the evening at around 10pm there will be a disco in the massive greenhouse attached to the bar in the Ormidale Hotel, and of course the hotel bar will be open for drinks, and we can party for as long as the bar is open – which is usually until about 12.30am.

I have been asked already about the dress code for the day. I think the thing to remember is that we are having a celebration, and we are going to party afterwards. So, I guess just stay away from dull colours if possible (although Lewis will be dressed in black, but that is just because black is the colour of the clothes he wants to wear). In the end up it doesn’t really matter. We are just happy that people are making the effort to come.

Finally, we have two Italian friends, flying into Edinburgh Airport at 14.10 on Friday 19th October, who will be reliant on public transport. I just wondered if anyone might be passing en route to Ardrossan, who would have car space, and be willing to give them a lift? They are both well-travelled, and I know they will be fine, but I just don’t like to think of them trying to negotiate the journey. Can I also suggest that people use the Facebook Celebration page if they are looking for, or able to offer transport to/from Ardrossan?

So, just to re-cap on timings.

Friday 19th October – Douglas Hotel Bar (get together) 7pm onwards

Saturday 20th October – Brodick Church service 2pm

Brodick Church hall 2.35 – 4.35pm

Ormidale Hotel 5pm onwards, 10pm disco.”

Ted some man!

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Meeting an amazing man Hamish Brown author.

Last weekend I had the privilege of meeting a man I have huge admiration for Hamish Brown. His wonderful books on the mountains have always been inspirational to me. As a young man I devoured them and found especially his accounts of his big Walks across Scotland inspirational ! Many of his books are below but it was his life in Scotland in the hills in the 60,s and 70,s that I loved. He was also a teacher of Outdoor education and in these early days before Qualifications and Health and Safety he introduced so many kids to the mountains.

Hamish Brown M.B.E. FRSGS is a professional writer, lecturer and photographer specialising in mountain and outdoor topics. He is best known for his walking exploits in the Scottish Highlands, having completed multiple rounds of the Munros and being the first person to walk all the Munros in a single trip with only ferries and a bicycle as means of transport.

I managed to grab Hamish for a short chat and was amazed at his enthusiasm for the mountains. His knowledge spans over 60

Years in the wild places and his views on the Environment and lessons learned from the past are incredible.

Hamish has such knowledge I wish I could remember all he said to me every word was so relevant. Yet his love of Scotland and Morocco were still incredibly vivid for him. He spoke how he and folk like him fought for freedom of Access to the hills and open spaces that we take for granted. He fought landowners the government and the military with a few others to give us what we have today. This Right to roam is a thing that so many countries find amazing. We should be so proud of it and what this tiny country has achieved.

He talked of hills and Glens that in his day had few paths or people and the rich history of these places. He knows the flowers ,the geology and environment so well it was a joy to listen and take it all in.

Hamish looks great and how wonderful it was to listen to his views and tap into his life even for a few minutes.

I asked him how does he stay looking so young it is by having so many great experiences and surrounding himself with like minded folk.

It was a great chat full of so many wise words and it would be great if the media did something on this wonderful character so we can share his knowledge. For me not just in his writing but his wisdom and advice to protect what so many take for granted?

Any Comments .

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Jenny Graham unsupported solo attempt at the World record now in USA Minot North Dakota 13897 miles in ! Yet still had time to find a wallet and return in in the Yukon!

Current location: Minot, North Dakota

Miles covered so far: 13,897

Jenny has hit the prairies and it’s as flat as a pancake… 🥞 but that means there’s no hiding from the elements with an average speed of 12kmph fighting into a fierce headwind


I got this email through my blog!

“Jenny is my hero! Here she is trying to reach an amazing goal and she has time to mail a lost wallet back to it’s owner in Alaska. Jenny, if you get this message I thank you! My son went on a fishing trip, that went wrong, on the copper river when the motor in his boat went afoul. He found himself and two other crew floating down the dangerous river. They obviously survived but upon arriving home realized the wallet was missing. It showed up in the mail about a month later. So thank you and good luck with your journey! Heidi”

What a great Lossie is our Jenny – great Karma coming your way girl!

Latest “So the weather god’s have listened to my endless moaning and BLESSED me with a stonking tailwind today!!! 240km in 8hours 🙌🙌🙌🙌 yaaaaaas! More days like this pleeeeease!! Great

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Graham’s 224,Donald’s 89, Corbetts,220,Furths 34, Tops 227,Munro’s 284. A big Day as Anne Butler completes the lot.

Yesterday I was invited to my friends completion of all her Graham’s near Crianlarich . It was an early start for the 3 hour drive and I was stopping to see Aunty Elma in Crianlarich for a cup of tea before we all gathered in the busy forestry car park. The A82 was busy even early in the morning and the deer were jumping out on the road you have to be careful in the early morning light. Elma has been a great friend of the Mountain Rescue for 40 years and it was great to catch up. Elma always puts on a spread of food and we had some incredible pancakes and cakes and caught up with all the news. It was then back up the busy A82 main

road to the car park for Ben Lui at Dalrigh to wander up Anne’s last Graham Fiarach .

There was a huge crowd gathered from the Munro Society and various other pals of Anne plus dogs and we had a great craick!

The weather held and we enjoyed the views from this wee hill. There were so many on the hill but what a varied bunch. There were so many who had completed the Munro’s it was embarrassing but as we got higher this wee hill came into its own.

After leaving the forestry track it was very warm and then the wee hill got steeper.

Before that you follow a bit of boggy ground then follows a fence line up steep grass to the summit ridge over some grand terrain. This is so typical of the area but then a wind got up and we put on more clothes before the top. Most of the group were were on the summit waiting as we headed up.

A few had charged ahead getting ready for the summit celebrations while we took it easy the big hills were pointed out as we got higher. This hill though only 659 metres was gives great views. We could see the majestic Ben Lui what a mountain and the views down the Glen.

There was the usual summit arch of ski poles as Anne reached the top with her husband. Then the weather came in the views shut down and the champagne and cake came out.

We had a good laugh on the top it got cold I had all the gear on winter was not far away and we had a great laugh. It was like the ascent of Rum Doodle (a great book! )Champagne and cake !

The rain and wind meant we only stayed on the top for 30 minutes then headed down. The sun came out and we were soon back at the car park and then back to the Hotel in Crianlarich for tea, cake and

scones. There was a meal planned for 1900 so I went back to Elma’s for a change and a shower.

The meal was great and a few speeches and a poem and I left at 2130 to head back to Onich. The rest were having fun.

It was a wild night pitch dark on the way back pouring with rain and I was staying with Sue in Onich for the night. The road was black as hell lots of flooding and two walkers were walking past Bridge of Orchy dressed in black with no torches. I nearly hit them and stopped and gave then a torch I hoped they made it to their tent!

A fun day with some great folk so many characters it was great to meet and share a unique hill day.

As for Anne she says she is going for a double round! Now that is some girl!

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Off to a special day – Fiarach – The Grassy pasture. A tale about the Grahams.

Fiarach is the flat-topped hill rising to the south of Dalrigh.  This is near Crainlarich and the Ben Lui range.  


On Saturday 15th September 2018 my friend Anne Butler is planning to complete the Grahams on Fiarach (652m). This will also mark the completion of the SMC Full House which involves climbing the Munros, Munro Tops, Corbetts, Donald’s and Furths in addition to the Graham’s!

A sad tale of the Grahams.

On July 7th, 1993, Fiona Torbet, aged 62, went missing on a walking holiday in the Western Highlands of Scotland near Kintail, whilst staying in a local Bed & Breakfast in Inverinate. Her husband who had been away on a sailing trip reported her missing when she failed to return.

Fiona Torbet, previously maiden name Fiona Graham, was famous as the co-author of  “The Grahams” also known as ‘lesser Corbetts’ with Alan Dawson.

These hills When she failed to return, Dr Thomas Torbet contacted the authorities.

In one of the biggest searches mounted in the Highlands of Scotland. A helicopter was hired to take aerial photographs of the entire area, the Royal Navy and a team of police divers was called in to search Loch Duich, Mountain Rescue along with the local Kintail team Search and Rescue Dogs (SARDA) and RAF Kinloss Mountain Rescue Team. Over 400 hours of searches were completed by teams in Affric, Loch Mullardoch and around the local area. There were huge areas to search in remote areas and were carried on for several months after Fiona went missing. But the search team failed to find her despite this extensive effort.  I was involved in this huge search and we searched for weeks.

Sadly In March 1994 Muriel MacKenzie, from Glasgow, was on holiday in the area and came across a women’s belongings in undergrowth. Not realising their importance, she alerted a forestry worker who immediately contacted the police.

The items had been concealed beneath willow trees near the Kyle to Inverinate road and over the winter months they had been covered by snow, but were exposed in the spring.

The items included Mrs Torbet’s handbag, purse, bank cards, her hillwalking bag — and a single slipper. Still missing, however, was a large canvas holdall which was to prove significant later. The discovery changed the case from a missing-person inquiry into the hunt for a body.

The body was located in the garden that Fiona was staying at she had been murdered. It was a huge shock to all.

I am heading down to have a wander with her it will be a good day with a lot of pals and afterwards a meal at the Crainlarich Hotel. I was also visit the famous Elma Scott the lady who looks after all the RAF teams and a freind of the teams for over 40 years.

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