Shenevall and the Eastern Fisherfield Four

On the way up Beinn A' Chaidheimh ( hill of the Spear) interesting scramble before final ridge.We left Shenevall at first light John had to be back in Glasgow that day so it would be a long day for him. The family of deer were at the bothy door as we left and the river crossing was so easy hardly worth changing into sandles for! The grind up the broken slopes of Beinn a' Chaidheimh was hard work but the effort worthwhile . A route was taken over the rough ground, some tricky ground to cross and the weather was holding! On the summit the mist came in a bit making the ground very slippy! We were moving well along to Sgurr Ban more slippy quartzite, I noticed lots of juniper on the descent. The pull up Mullach Coire Mhicfhearchair was loose scree and steep ground very erroded with loose rocks and it rained and was very cold for summer. It was a shame as the views here are superb. After the summit on the way down to the next hill we met two walkers, one who was at Stafford in 1991 and new some of the mr team, we had a quick chat. We moved on to Beinn Tarsuinn via a lovely skulking stalkers path and the hills cleared. the sun came up and the views were immense.The stonny slippy descent of Mullach Coire Mhic Fhearchair, and the meeting of two walkers!The ascent up to the last summit was steady but the old knees were sore but the views were incredible, with the sun heating up the rain-sodden slopes and a heated mist made the mountains look incredible. The views were exceptional and it was only 1330, we had been on the go since 0500 and I had 10 kilometres to get back to the bothy. John was chasing time so we split up at the Beleach and John moved on fast as he had an extra 7 kilometres to get back to his car 17 ks in total from where we were! I ambled down a huge Corrie below Beinn Tarsuinn where I had winter climbed 35 years before. It was massive as big as Corrie A Grhunda in Skye, full of huge slabs and waterfalls. An interesting descent followed and I had to be careful on the steep ground. I had a slow leisurely walk back to the bothy, with lots of stops and I was met by the local deer on my arrival at Shenevall. I spent the time resting after a good meal The knees were sore but I enjoyed it and the walk back was long but what views, I will put some photos up on the web site soon. I had the wee fire going and soon it was time for bed after a great day in a wonderful place, no one else came that night apart from the deer outside at times banging the door. What a place, what a trip. Shenevall bothy fire after a hard day.


About heavywhalley.MBE

Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 37 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 3 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer and loves the wild places.
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