Polldubh DVD and the Lancaster Crash 31/08/1944 near Kingussie Mondaliath Mountains.

Polldubh some great people in this wee DVD.

Avro Lancaster crash site Mondaliath Mountains near Kingussie.

Today I was asked to look up a crash site for some friends, the site is near Kingussie, it was a Avro Lancaster Mk 1 from Waddington in 1944. This is a lot of wreckage still about and one of the tyres is still up – see photo. One propeller was used as a memorial at Waddington and the other at the grave yard at Balavail Estate House. All the crew of 7 were killed. The aircraft is in a remote area and is rarely visited.   This was one of the first aircraft crashes that the newly formed RAF Kinloss MRT  would have been at.

Aircraft Tyre still up after over 55 years!

I used a lot of these crash sites for training team members in navigation and they are sombre places to visit and give an insight into the futility of war and how many aircrew lost there lives training, the hills hold many secrets of these sad days. I always try to leave a wee cross in memory of those who gave there lives for us. The book below is not bad for information on aircraft crashes in the UK. 

Aircraft Wrecks Book not a bad book for information.

  I still have 2 visitors, eating me out of house and home and the webmaster has done some great additions to web, see if you can spot the cash machine on the Tholl on the web? We visited Wendy tonight and had a good laugh at the big house and some wonderful cake, she was over the moon at meeting “The Laird” from Kintail. Tomorrow we hope to go out and see the first snow in the Cairngorms and Ned is very excited, I wonder if he will get past the first cafe. I played golf badly today it was pretty windy! Then we watched a DVD on climbing at Polldubh a great piece of action and some great characters in it well worth a look. Hope it is not too wild tomorrow!


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Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 37 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 3 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer when body slows, loves the wild places.
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