Pete Boardman` Memorial Everest Base Camp Tibet. The Shining Mountain and the unclimbed Ridge.

Pete Boardman Memorial Everest Base Camp 2001.As I was researching for the Moray Mountaineering Club lecture, I was sent a photo of one of my heroes Pete Boardman who died on Everest on the unclimbed ridge along with Joe Tasker both incredible Himalayan mountaineers. I had met Pete many years ago in the Cairngorms on several occasions and found him such a unassuming person and always ready for a chat. He summitted Everest On the huge South West Face in 1975 and very soon after this climbed the huge West Wal on Changabang with Joe Tasker a massive undertaking for a two-man expedition with no Sherpa support. It was a breakthrough of gigantic proportions in Himalayan climbing at that time.Pere Boardman lecture at Elgin for the Moray Mountaineering Club

I was at RAF Kinloss at the time and was invited along with the Team for the lecture Pete was giving in Elgin to the Moray Mountaineering Club. We were expecting a lecture on Everest by the South West Face, however Pete told us the story of the 2 man ascent of Changabangs West Wall and incredible achievement at the time. He called the lecture “Total committment” and it was a wonderful evening and so inspirational. By know Pete was a well-known mountaineer yet he still had time to talk to us after the lecture and I went away with dreams as a young man and a trip to the Himalayas.

The Shining Mountain ans incredible story.

   Pete and Joe both went missing trying the unclimbed ridge on Everest were last seen on the pinnacles at 8000 metres before the weather came in this was May 1982. It was a typical audacious Alpine ascent of an unclimbed ridge on Everest, with no Sherpas just a small team of 4 going lightweight and incredible attempt. Pete and Joe are up there, no one will ever know what happened to them but the cold and not using oxygen at such a height makes this a very hard place to live far less climb to that standard.  

When I was out the walk to the ridge from our advanced Base camp to their Base camp at 21500 feet is about a mile and the views of the unclimbed ridge are incredible. No one goes there as all are the other expeditions are on the North Ridge. I went out alone on the last day of our expedition and left a dried piece of Heather (brought from home) below this huge ridge and spent some time thinking about Pete, Joe and the others who have been here, what would they have been doing today if they were still alive? What a place to be the only people left were our 6 Sherpas and cook everyone else was gone. We were tidying up this incredible place and stripping the mountain of us much rubbish left by others that we could. I spent an hour here just looking and taking it all in, an incredible experience, one I will never forget.

 The memorial stone is at Base camp on the Tibetan side , we tided it up when we were there,it overlooks the huge North face and is so humbling.

The unclimbed ridge on Everest where Pete and Joe were last seen. Climbed by Russel Price several years later. Taken from Advanced base on the Tibetan side of Everest at 21500 feet.

Todays tip; is read The Shinning Mountain get inspired!

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