Man’s best friend Teallach a dog for all seasons.

Teallach on Lochnagar in his prime.

I was very privileged to have a wonderful Alsatian called “Teallach” what a great dog who followed me on my journey for 12 years. Life started as a puppy at RAF Valley in North Wales where I was the full time deputy Team Leader of the Mountain Rescue Team. The Team Leader Alaister Haveron had a great search dog called Driesh who had pups, Dreish was a superb hill dog and I took her out many times on the hill, when Al was away. When she had pups I was offered one and chose the one with the biggest feet, what a star he was.

The In Pin on Skye with Teallach starring.

He was never a search dog as I did have the time to train him but he was a hill dog par excellence, he managed to complete his Munros and was on his second round when he passed away with 12 left. He was a fantastic companion and his hill sense was incredible and was on every rescue with me in the most appalling conditions, many times finding the safe way home once he took a 1000 foot fall over a cornice on Creagh Meagaidh and walked away. He loved the hills and even had a few winter climbs under his “paw” and used to be a regular in the Northern Corries or the Ben, staying regularly in the CIC hut against all the rules. He spent many a night snow holing in the Cairngorms and was a guide when the snow started to fill up the entrance as he would start digging out. One night in the middle of the night he started barking and I never bothered eventually I got out and found two exhausted climbers who had been caught out outside the snow hole. They had seen the light on the snow hole and thought they were safe only to be met by a growling Alsatian! Teallach would never be aggressive to anyone it was just his way of saying hello! They were brought in and given a brew and taken of the hill in the morning!

Teallach after Tranters Round 18 Munros in a day at the end on the Ben!

We shared many adventures together and when Yvette and Stephen arrived as very young children he was great with them. Stephen was very young and tried to eat his biscuits in his bowl and Yvette’s cat Clova arrived on scene and controlled “Teallach” from day one!  He took all in his stride and would sit in the wagon and wait for the wagons on a Friday as he knew he was away for the weekend on the hills  In the end he had real problems with his back legs and had to be put down when it all got to much for him, what great years we had together and I miss him still.

Teallach Relaxing!

Thanks for all the fun!

Today’s tip, wild weather forecast watch the wind and the rivers will be high with the huge thaw, a day for a book or a low level walk.

About heavywhalley.MBE

Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 37 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 3 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer when body slows, loves the wild places.
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2 Responses to Man’s best friend Teallach a dog for all seasons.

  1. bobhankinson says:

    I have an enduring memory of Dreish at Lyn Ogwen, jumping high and acrobatically to catch a ball. That very day, I formed a wish to get a dog with similar skills, and it only took me 40 years before getting our border Collie Jaq. She’s seven now, very agile, and does exactly the same airborne contortions. Was Teallach a “flyer” too? Doing the Monroes nearly twice is a great achievement.

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