Wild drive along Jasper Highway – and back to Banff

Avalanche on Weeping Wall.

It was minus 16 when we went out to Weeping Wall and there was a bit of sun as I said some avalanches were coming of the ledges and occasionally a big one would come of a ledge and cover some of the climbs. It was like being in very cold air and hit Dan whilst he was on the crux of Central Pillar. As always Dan was in full control and cruised it. After the climb it was back to Rampart Creek for our meal before the Hostel got busy and we had a great meal of tuna pasta made by Ian. The other group was there for several days and it was interesting to listen to their morning briefings especially about the snow conditions. This is the most snow for over 40 years and there are some very dangerous conditions about. I am glad we are all seasoned mountaineers but have to still watch what we are up to. There is a constant threat on the roads as well as many are threatened by avalanches. It is a huge problem but the skiing is incredible with tons of fresh snow. We hoped to climb next day but it was snowing very heavy and left for Kickinghorse Pass but the road was very icy and it snowed the whole way back to Banff.

Empty Youth Hostel at Rampart Creek before the crowds came back.

So again the boys never climbed but got some big stuff up on the Weeping Wall, I nearly got clobbered by a snow plough which even though I was 50 feet away from the road the snow from the plough knocked me over. We eventually got back to Banff after a fun trip up North. Rampart Creek set in the wild is an incredible place to be, the stars at night are incredible as is the long walk to the toilet in minus 10, the beauty of being old?

Snow plough on Jasper Highway!

Weeping Wall left hand route - a sea of ice an incredible place.

I am full of the cold man flu –   Ian brought it with him from UK!  I was in Banff today when I met Bill Rose and family who are skiing, Bill was with the Killin Mountain Rescue Team for many years back home. It was great to see them. The boys are on the local Professor Falls today and Dan dropped me off at Canmore where I hope to write! It is still snowing heavily will it ever stop?

About heavywhalley.MBE

Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 37 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 3 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer when body slows, loves the wild places.
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2 Responses to Wild drive along Jasper Highway – and back to Banff

  1. don says:

    Hi Heavy, Great to hear you are still enjoying the trip, temperatures slightly higher here at 22 deg today…I was in seeing Wendy on Friday, her birthday, and she was in good form and looking forward to the family coming next week.
    Who was it you met from Fort Augustus ?


    • heavywhalley says:


      Thanks for visiting Wendy very good of you, the guy I met was called Felix I am sure he hails from Fort Augustus and worked in comms with you at Kinloss. He knows Tom Taylor, Andy Wallace. I am back late Friday all being well to the sun.
      Love to all hope you are feeling better!


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