Incredible efforts by all on the Celtman at Torridon

Ryan with 10 k to go what a guy, what an effort all heroes fro the day.

I have been very priveldged in my time to meet so many good people but yesterday even for me was an incredible even the Celtman. Ryan one of the Torridon Mountain Rescue Tea completed his first iron man after 4 punctures and a problem that cost him on the run when his support runner had to withdraw. Despite this Ryan completed and I was nearly in tears as he passed and posed with 10 k to go, what an effort. It was a wonderful thing to see and Ryan like all the competitors have my utmost respect for all they did. Ryan set off at 0500 and finished at 2330!

The race starts with a swim the open water which was 10 degrees (very cold) and many suffered form the cold in the sea loch, the 200 k cycle is incredible then the 40 k run is unbelievable over some of the wildest ground in UK.  I was marshalling a check point along with Brynt and Torridon had other team members all over the hill. Everyone we met at the check points all the runners thanked us for our efforts and it was heart-warming. From the elite world-class athletes to the last runner they were all the same a tremendous breed of people from so many counties all over the world.


Incredible effort by incredible people.

We got off the hill at 0130 this morning and there was still a meal ready for us by the great ladies at Torridon village hall. We got to bed at Ryan’s who was still buzzing after his day about 0400. It was along day for all even the marshallers. It was a hard walk out in the dark and rain with people who had given everything at the end and it seemed never-ending but we got all off safely and what a feeling of achievement for all. Incredibly it was many of the support runners who were struggling at the end and they needed looking after, what a day, what people and what and event. Great things happen when, water, cycles and mountains meet.  Thanks to all who competed and especially those who supported in the support teams and the local Mountain Rescue Team and Marshallers for along day. To all the locals and visitors who supported and the lovely people who looked after us right into the small hours Many thanks, I will try to get some sleep now!

The TV Film team on the walk out after a long day! Hopefully the footage they will have will show this tremendous event for what it is and what it can do for the North West.



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Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 37 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 3 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer when body slows, loves the wild places.
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4 Responses to Incredible efforts by all on the Celtman at Torridon

  1. Brilliant article Heavy


  2. Davy Gunn says:

    What a great event and Ryan has amazing courage. A true hero who raises a lot for charity. Torridon is such a great part of the world, and it’s nice that the community spirit is so strong and that the rescue team is such an integral part of that as well.


    • heavywhalley says:

      Yes it was grand few days, it is as you say great to see how much of the Torridon community the team is. Ryan did well even after all the upsets, he was tired at 0400 though next day. Thanks for the comments Davy.


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