RAF Kinloss Mountain Rescue – Thanks for the memories!

Above is a pie-chart of RAF KINLOSS Call -outs  1944 -2012.

So many years of saving lives! Call – outs total of  1070 – rescued 1888 over the years. A unique history of some of Scotland’s incredible rescues from the past to the present day. It is an incredible amount of military aircraft incidents at 5%. As one expects the majority is for mountaineering incidents and there will be a lot of history and stories inside these figures.

A lot of old friends are arriving for a wee party at Kinloss Barracks today. This is as the RAF Ensign comes down for the last time at RAF Kinloss as the camp becomes an Army barracks.  The history of RAF Kinloss is huge and the Mountain Rescue Team is one of the oldest in the country, its history is unique and I have only managed to tell a fraction of the tales in my blog.   I have just got back from a few days away and had such a great time in the mountains. I was trying to finish the history of the team but the weather intervened and all those who love the mountains can understand. I will complete the rest of the history in the near future all being well. Some of the stories that are coming back to me are incredible and every day another snippet arrives. The Sputnik story was intersting and I have had contact with the Shepherd who found it in the early 60’s. He phoned me just before I went away at the weekend and I will go and visit him, he gave me some great information and I look forward to meeting him.   His father was one of the keepers who helped the team on the Beinn Eighe crash in 1951. He brought the casualties down with the team on his pony, what an incredible story.

The Beinn Eighe Crash – RAF Kinloss in action. Photo Joss Gosling.

I owe Kinloss Mountain Rescue Team so much they were so much a big part of my life and many others. The history of the team is incredible and the stories legion. To be part of such a system has been a huge part of many others as well. I only got in the door last night when Joss Gosling one of the RAF Kinloss team on the Beinn Eighe crash in 1951 has come up for the wee party. He wanted a chat, Joss is typical of the type of person who was on the team and makes it so unique. It goes all through all barriers of age, what rank you were and what you did. You were a member of  the RAF Mountain Rescue and a good hill man or woman and that was what mattered.   I think there will be a wee tear in his eye and a few more from others tomorrow! For a few years the team was a huge part of their lives and mine and made a huge impact on most who served.

The great thing is the team continues at RAF Lossiemouth and many more will have their lives changed by a great system. The team is in great hands with Wullie and Ed running the show. The team member’s continue  with the traditions that make them dedicate their spare time to a great organisation. In these days when  most of the Team member’s are detached regularly to Afghanistan the pressure on manpower increases. People forget how much the Team families suffer, when their loved ones are away. Families lose  fathers and wives who serve with the team and it is great that when they come back they still put in all that effort into the team.  We are so lucky to continue to have such support and a huge thanks to all especially the families and friends.

RAF Kinloss Mountain Rescue. Great people, great history it continues at RAF Lossiemouth.

The Kinloss Team has been supported so well over the years by RAF Lossiemouth as the team has historically had many member’s from this great station. It will be great to have the team there along with the Sea King helicopter on the airfield.

I wish the team at Lossiemouth all the best, it is so well lead and the calibre of team member’s are so strong, few will know anything has changed. I am sure the team will be so well supported by RAF Lossiemouth as it continues to assist “Whensover” it is called.

Thanks to all past and present team member’s and of course the wonderful families who support them.

About heavywhalley.MBE

Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 37 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 3 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer when body slows, loves the wild places.
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6 Responses to RAF Kinloss Mountain Rescue – Thanks for the memories!

  1. Dave h says:

    Enjoy the party heavy and a great insight into the team.as hill goers we are blessed with a great volunteer mrt service who we should also support in every way we can


  2. woody says:

    Hope you all have a great time tonight,I’M sure the words “do yo remember “will be uttered many times ,please pass on my best wishes to any troops from the “old”days who may remember me,and my very best wishes to the team at Lossiemouth. Love the comment about an uncaring society so true.
    yours aye Woody


  3. Richard Perou says:

    Bit of useless information. In my day , about 1959, the team at RNAS Lossiemouth exercised with the team at Kinloss. At one time the OC Kinloss was a Lt Cmdr RNAS.


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