Anson Crash on Mac Dui – Thanks for the comments. Great bits of kit,for the hill – part 1 –

Thanks for all the comments on wee piece on Ben MacDui on the Anson Crash 70 the Anniversary on yesterdays blog. The BBC News put it on the World news loop and in Scotland and BBC Breakfast TV as well as local news. It was worth doing   I feel to remember those who gave so much for our freedom and died on some lonely hillside.  The BBC showed some archive photos of an Anson flying it was a very basic plane and that was amazing to see. Again thanks for the comments. It was a pity that one did not see the views we had that day as the sun was in the camera man’s lens and we had to shoot into the desolate summit area. Still a remote beauty with its erosion and desert like appearance. It was a grand day out in a special place to be.

There is a link on Utube for the piece!

The Anson – great photos on the BBC news last night.

I regularly get asked what is the best bit of kit I have it is certainly not these boots that fell apart at the weekend! Of course the usual map, compass and knowledge of their use is very important and all should carry them in a hill party, practice, practice practice. Keep the map if not waterproof in a cover many types are available a poly bag is ideal and cheap.

I thought they may have lasted the summer but boots no more now they are going to be planters! Boots are very important, there are so many out there at all prices. It depends what you want them for and for what season you are in?  Get decent boots for what you are doing and look after them. Peat and the famous Skye gabbro rock is very hard on boots a week in Skye can batter a good pair of boots. Also a wet weeks walking in peaty areas can rot boots if not looked after. I always try to wash them in a burn at the end of wet day! If anyone in the trade wants boots trailed I am your man and you will get an honest report on them.

The bothy bag – a re invention of the old days but superb.

The bothy bag above is superb several types are made by similar companies. This is a wee shelter for 2 or others are bigger. We used to use something similar when I joined Mountain Rescue but they went out of fashion. Great to get out of the weather for a break and in the event of a wee  snag on the hill a great shelter. The magic thing is it is not to expensive and if your mate is injured you are in beside them, giving them company and support. This is grand if it is a bonny looking lassie or man depending on your views! It is also a great guide to the folks coming to assist you if you have had a snag as it is easily seen. All these blacks and blues and greens colours that you trendy folk wear are awful to spot if you have problem, especially for a helicopter. Always have something that you can see it is great to have a bright colour – yellow, red etc. It also makes far better photos!  Worth knowing?

Warning – Watch out when the helicopter comes that it does not blow it away or even worse get caught up in the rotors, it could be windy!

Cost £0.99 – a lifesaver?

A great piece of kit is a simple whistle for about £0.99 It is still a great addition if it all goes wrong. Never misuse it as it will attract attention and may save your life. If you are having a snag keep blowing it until the team arrive, I have been on several rescues where once we heard it and answered the casualty stopped blowing and we missed them in the weather! Blow man, blow!

Read this info on a whistle! “This one non-corrosive, bright orange safety whistle emits a high-pitched sound that is significantly louder than a conventional ball whistle, it is capable of producing over 100 decibel of sound to summon help in emergency situations. Nearly as good as my voice?

The whistle is equally useful at sea, on a mountain, or anywhere as a personal protection accessory.  It is a lightweight and non-corroding whistle which will float in sea water.  Meets ISO 12402-7 safety standards. Wow! This  emergency whistle can be used either with a lanyard”  Also have a spare clipped directly onto your rucksack or compass. Worth knowing? It is also worth having on your harness  if climbing with out a bag as if you have problem, it is at times a lot better than a shout and a whistle is on the mountains a call for help! Great piece of kit and very cheap!

More to come in the next few days?

Heavy is available for lectures and after dinner speaking at a reasonable rate – see website for details. Mountaineering Clubs spread the word please. I am off to Leeds in September to talk at the SAR Conference on “Lessons Learned 40 year of rescue in 40 minutes?”

Will it be controversial – you bet!

I can promise you, it will be an entertaining night!

About heavywhalley.MBE

Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 37 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 3 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer when body slows, loves the wild places.
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  1. Bob Hankinson says:

    I had the same boot failure experience last weekend. The sole at the front of the boot came loose. I did a temporary repair with duct tape (twice). Seattle Mountaineers reccommend putting duct tape around your water bottles so that it is always there for some emergency. I added some tape about 8 years ago and used it on Saturday.


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