Stalking Season – we have to work together?

Yesterday the weather was superb it was hot and sunny and I was trying to finish my lecture for the Mountain Rescue Search Managers Course. I try to tailor each chat for the organisation involved and update with new information and tales. I spent some time with my friend who had fallen climbing a few weeks before and he is on the way to recovery. It will be a slow process but he is getting there.  We sat in the sun and sorted the world out it was like being in the Mediterranean but it is on a day like that it is the “Moray Med” I went for a wander to Cummingston, saw some dolphins and a couple climbing a wonderful place to have on your doorstep a few minutes walk away. I never take it for granted, what is all this talk about winter?

Today’s plan was to get out on the hill near Blair Atholl but I checked  the MRCOS web site on Deer Stalking and found the phone number, I spoke to the Ranger at Atholl Estates who said that there was stalking on  my hill Beinn Mheadhonach at Glen Tilt.  It was an easy decision to change my plans so we will have to see what is happening elsewhere. The Mountaineering Council Of Scotland website was easy to access and the information simple even for me to understand. I have taken the  paragraph below  from the website it is worth a look. We have to work together and many Estates have been so helpful to me  in the past it is worth doing!

Advice to access users – Deer management can take place during many months of the year but the most sensitive time is the stag stalking season (usually from 1 July to 20 October, but with most stalking taking place from August onwards). During this season, you can help to minimise disturbance by taking reasonable steps to find out where stalking is taking place  and by taking account of advice on alternative routes. Avoid crossing land where stalking is taking place. Stalking does not normally take place on Sundays.

Advice to land managers – Be aware of where recreational use is likely, such as along paths, popular routes and ridge lines. Tell people about where stalking is taking place by using a Hillphones service or by using signs and information boards (in accordance with this Code) to give on-the day information on stalking and alternative routes.

Heading for the Scottish Hills Web ServiceHeading for the Scottish Hills

The Heading for the Scottish Hills Website is now the main way to find out about stalking.  The initial pilot area has been expanded to cover even more areas with more than 20 additional properties mainly in the Breadalbane area.  Many of the estates that are included are in the Cairngorm area.  HFTSH has now replaced Hillphones as the sole service and can be accessed through the website. We are very keen to receive experiences (good and bad) of HFTSH and Hillphones so please contact the Access Officer.

The Mountaineering Council Of Scotland do a superb job, they are worth joining even if it is to  have your voice heard in key aspects in looking after this great country?

After a wander on the hill I am off to a Scottish Mountain Rescue Search Management Course at Moness near Aberfeldy where I am giving a lecture to introduce the course. Search Management is a massive part of Mountain Rescue and hopefully I will be able to pass on some tips to those who attend. You can have the best trained Mountain Rescue Team and equipment but if you are searching in the wrong area you are wasting your time! A great help if people would leave a note where they are going and get registered with the Emergency Text Service details on my blog the other day. I had a few comments on this saying that we go out in the wild to get away from all this control and to be free from the outside world. Unfortunately it is the family and relatives many who cannot understand our passion are left to pick up the pieces if we go missing. I have been there on many occasions with families and friends trying to piece together a missing person planned day out! It is not easy .Mountaineers can be so selfish and forget that when we go out many worry about us so to me it is a simple thing. Worth remembering? Your comments are welcome!

About heavywhalley.MBE

Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 37 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 3 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer when body slows, loves the wild places.
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2 Responses to Stalking Season – we have to work together?

  1. Dave h says:

    Beautiful day in glen fruin today and a long weekend too. Slight frost in the glen and autumn stormes forecast for down south. I always leave a plan with the boss when I go on the hill and check it at regular times via text if able too. Just another part of being on the hill and can save your life so worth doing. Enjoy moness heavy and did the course last year and really enjoyed it. Mind put a stone on due to regular intake of cake!got a couple more from the team on it


  2. heavywhalley says:

    We had a good day hard wee hill though! Old age..


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