Windfarm reply and a bit of cold weather now here!

Due to feeling a bit under the weather I have decided not to go out on the hills today, the I have a bit of a cold coming on, yesterdays soaking at golf in Elgin did not help. It was very wet and with that Northerly wind and wind chill it was a long cold 4 hours. In the end the sun came out at least. I will be off later to get some wood for my stove today to build up my winter stocks, the fire is on all day and the heating is going. I must be getting old but have felt the cold this week?

The usual discussions on the golf course and so many views it is frightening how few know what is really going on in this crazy world. Many still see the great wind farm debate as a magic cure to the UK”s dwindling power resources, the propaganda has been well sold to “Mr Public” I had an interesting call from another worried man David about the article “I wrote Who cares” in my blog, he was very  passionate about the state we are getting into and advised me to read the following book in an interesting discussion.  “Have you read John Etherington’s book called “The Wind Farm Scam”? He explains in reasonably intelligible language why windfarms are a scam, and how we as consumers are paying. It’s utter madness.

And it is utterly monstrous what is proposed at Allt Duine. The visual intrusion would be shocking, and that’s before you consider the damage to the environment with access roads, and the fundamental ineffectiveness and inefficiency of wind turbine – that with every additional MW of windpower, you must have a base-load energy provision from a reliable source – because sometimes, unsurprisingly, the wind doesn’t blow.

We should actually all be ashamed that it has come to this – that ‘we’ (humans) have allowed, in the early 21st century, through our planning policies, an application for such a development in that location (not that I think ANY location is acceptable) to even get to this stage is an absolute disgrace.”He like many would love to do more but pressure of work and family limit what he can do.

My advice is discuss it at work. with friends and my defence is go and have a look at the road to the M74 and the forests of windfarms that are now in site. Is this what we want? I would also ask to join the John Muir Trust and help them fund the fight and help educate the rest of Scotland before it is too late!

Men wanted – for a hard life! 

On a happier note I just wanted to draw your attention to the fact that Cinema Nairn will be screening “The Great White Silence” Herbert Ponting’s documentary about Scott’s journey to the South Pole on Friday 23 November at Nairn Community & Arts Centre – starts at 7.30pm, tickets on the door £5.00. Please spread the word amongst the mountaineering community, your help much appreciated. I will be going to this screening it should be a great night.

About heavywhalley.MBE

After dinner speaker Lecturer and Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 36 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 4 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer and loves the wild places.
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