Look after your Mum – Mum’s are precious!

My Mum on the hill in 1936 Loch Ossian.

I lost my Mum of leukaemia in 1980, I was at RAF Valley in North Wales as the Deputy Team Leader at the time involved heavily in Mountain Rescue. I used to phone Mum each week and visit each year. Typical of her and her generation  she never told me she was very ill and swore the family to keep it from me as she did not want to worry us. In the end when she was dying she called for me to come home and also to get my brother back who lived in Bermuda. She was a very frail lady when I saw he in these hard last days but we had some incredible chats which I cherish to this day. Mountain Rescue at that time made me very hard in dealing with tragedy it took years for me to appreciate she was gone and how much we all miss her. So many things were left undone and so much I wanted to tell her. Mum loved the grandchildren and had only just got her wee pension which was her own money for the first time in her life. It all went on the grandchildren on little treats. Bringing up 5 kids on a ministers wage was hard work and though I was the” wild child” Mum always looked after me. I was the youngest and got away with a lot. At the end Mum was very upset and she said I have nothing to leave you in the way of  wealth but she did , she left us all so many special memories and was such a beautiful person. She loved the mountains, the outdoors, sport, especially tennis  – Wimbledon was heaven to her and went to all the Ayr United games and loved the team.

My lovely Mum – still missed by us all xxxxx


She was a special Mum and played a huge part of being the Ministers wife,  always helping anyone who needed it. She would have loved to see all the grandchildren and all their children and wee Lexi.   I wonder what she would have made of this crazy world today? Mum so  loved flowers and passed that love on to me. I have a bunch in the house just now  in memory.

Look after your Mum give them a huge hug, we owe them so much, they are a special breed.

About heavywhalley.MBE

Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 37 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 3 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer when body slows, loves the wild places.
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5 Responses to Look after your Mum – Mum’s are precious!

  1. I had a Mum like that. Never left a penny but gave us everything she had all her life and left us all with a legacy more valuable than any money. She died 17 years ago and I miss her yet, still want to tell her things I know she’d like. Precious indeed.


  2. Heavy, What a great photo of your Mum. This was taken 4 years before I was born and I suspect a few years more before you arrived!
    Her comment, “I have nothing to leave you in the way of wealth” really says so much. One way or another we think of such things for our children as we near the end.
    As I was starting out, an old business friend said once ” One only gets out of the bank what one puts into it”
    I never forgot that—as we know it has nothing to do with money.


  3. heavywhalley says:

    Very true Dick – incredible lady and some great comments.

    Thank You


  4. some great observations ,we never realise what an important part of our lives thet are ,until they are no longer with us .


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