Burghead Boxing day swim at 1430 today!


How did the “Burghead Boxing Day Swim” start?

This was the question asked about the imminent 25th anniversary of the event. It started off a a swim in the harbour by a few locals on Boxing Day was decided upon because at that time there was nothing else really happening that day and this seemed as good a reason as any for the event to take place. The idea was generally met with disbelief but there was enough of us mad enough to say they would do it and so the RNLI or “Lifeboat” as we refer to it in the Broch  (Burghead) was the obvious choice for the proceeds which we thought may total a couple of hundred quid. Nowadays it raises thousands of pounds for local charity a great idea.

Crazy swimmers

Crazy swimmers at Burghead harbour!

I had a great time at Aviemore so well looked after by Ned Ian Kelly and Glenda superb food and a wonderful meal, I was so well looked after. The only problem was the photo taken after the meal when I had 40 winks!   I managed a short walk about on Christmas day and was out this morning but the knee and hip are sore and have come home to the Burghead Swim. All the kids are out on their new bikes and scooters and the weather is stunning.  An easy day get things done and get down and watch the crazy people jump into the harbour! All in a good cause.

Burghead boxing day swim

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2 Responses to Burghead Boxing day swim at 1430 today!

  1. The Landy says:

    Yep, I’d be up for that!


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