Planning a trip to Coruisk! In Skye!

Halfway through my visit to my granddaughter  down in Henley a beautiful part of the world but it is so busy. I have just got a parking ticket and that is the first for ages, my car is the oldest one about but it still goes.  I do enjoy the river, it is so busy and so much going on. It is peaceful and the wild life incredible, lots of birds and people enjoying life by the river. It is so warm down here it is hard to believe that Scotland still has snow. Having some special time with a 3 year old is magic and how lovely they are at that age all fun and no worries, we can learn from them.

bella jane

I have a break and I am planning my trip to Skye with Raz a good friend who is finishing his Munros after many years on Sgurr Nan Eag & Sgurr Dubh Mor. I have booked the Coruisk hut a remote hut in a superb location. Just looking at the pictures make me want to get out there and I am already homesick . Coruisk is such a wonderful place. It is like a lost world to me, it is guarded by sea and mountains and access is tricky, it looks savage. The huge boiler plated slabs nearly come down to the sea and you can climb Sgurr Dubh from sea level on the most incredible friction of the local gabbro rock it is so amazing on a sunny day.  The great thing is that access is difficult to this incredible place. The only way in is over the famous Skye ridge or a long 4 hour walk over some wild country.In the summer you can get a boat from Egol and it takes you to Coruisk, well worth the money and the wear on my body.  I am planning to take it easy and go in by a boat the “Bella Jane” a favourite of mine.  Skye just is such a place to be a land of mountains and sea.  Loch Coruisk, from the Gaelic Coire Uisg, meaning the corrie or cauldron of the waters, and from which the house takes its name, is the freshwater loch that lies within the very centre of the horseshoe formed by the surrounding Cuillin mountains. The Scavaig River which runs out into the sea at Loch Scavaig is the shortest in Britain. I love this wild place and how we have fought to keep this place wild and peaceful.

The Magic of Skye

The Magic of Skye

Bella Jane This is from their website ”

Bella Jane, the only regular full-time service from Elgol to Loch Coruisk and the longest running boat trip in Elgol and the Isle of Skye – Running 7 days a week 7 months of the year for the past 20 years*. Tourist Board quality approved and offering a unique choice of trips to suit your requirements, we guarantee an unforgettable experience!

Let us transport you to one of Scotland’s most isolated and breathtaking lochs, Loch Coruisk, set in the heart of the stunningly beautiful Cuillin mountains. Coruisk has fascinated visitors for generations and deservedly enjoys a magical and mysterious reputation, even in changeable weather. During the journey to the loch we’ll visit the famous Seal colony as well as glimpsing a variety of other wild and sea life (see Wildlife note below).

Spend time ashore exploring Loch Coruisk or simply relax beside the Coruisk river, enjoying the magnificent scenery and overwhelming tranquillity of this truly unique and unforgettable location.”

Accommodation booked – looking into boat and now book the weather and no midges, bliss.

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Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 37 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 3 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer when body slows, loves the wild places.
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