St Kilda – Getting ready for the trip.

I hope to visit St Kilda next week weather dependent, like most people I have always wanted to visit this place and see more of it. I may get a chance next week It  will be an interesting trip no matter what. I have been reading about St Kilda and there are some great books about this wonderful place. I have  the book The Life and death of St Kilda  for many years and a few others – the moving story of a vanished Island Community. Tom Steel. I hope we get a chance to land and see this incredible place

st kilda book

On 29 August 1930 the remaining 36 inhabitants of this bleak but spectacular island off Scotland’s western coast took ship for the mainland. A community that had survived alone for centuries finally succumbed to the ravages that resulted from mainland contact. What their lives had been like century after century, why they left, and what happened to them afterwards is the story.


MV Cuma – http://www.island cruising



The weather really dictates the routes taken. The MV Cuma departs Miavaig in Loch Roag on Lewis, on Saturday afternoons after all the passengers are on board and have had their lunch. The departure time depends on the arrival of the passengers and is usually around 3pm – 4pm.

Example itinerary as follows:

  • Saturday – Passengers requiring transport will be uplifted at the Stornoway ferry terminal on arrival of the ferry. Conveyed to MV Cuma. 3 hour run to Loch Resort area for a sightseeing cruise, followed by a quiet evening meal and peaceful night.
  • Sunday – Passage to St Kilda, passengers land and explore late afternoon/early evening.
  • Monday – Passengers provided with Packed Lunch and given all day to further explore the island.
  • Tuesday – MV Cuma returns to Miavaig via Flannan Isles or Scarp arriving late evening (4 day trip). Passengers on a 6 Day trip either remain for another day or proceed to Monach Isles.
  • Wednesday – Depart St Kilda/Monach Isles and visit Taransay.
  • Thursday – Return to Miavaig via Scarp.

Passengers disembark after breakfast on Wednesday and Friday mornings and those requiring transport will be dropped off at the ferry terminal in time for the lunchtime ferry departure.

Interesting times ahead weather dependent.

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