Cornwall a long journey but what a fun trip.

For many years I was very Scottish minded (I still am) and saw little outside this wonderful place. I was lucky to enjoy Cornwall as my mind was educated in my later years! and I loved the climbing and social scene in Cornwall. When I was asked to come down and share a house for week with my stepdaughter and family and my 3-year-old granddaughter it was an easy decision. The old car had just got through an MOT and new springs gave it a lease of life so off we went on the long journey to the far South. This is why there have been  no blogs and had a week of sandy beaches, sand castles and CBBS (Kids tv) sandy dogs, sandy clothes, shorts and flip-flops.  It was worth the 12 hour 700 mile drive to spend some time with special people. It must be great to be a 3-year-old and have so much fun on the beach it was for a 60-year-old.  I arrived a day early and got to Harlyn Bay campsite just before the Bank Holiday. I pitched my £12 Tent and had a great night surrounded by tent city. I soon had “tent envy” as everyone else had all the gear and even offered me some food, I must have looked very poor and envious. I had a great night sleep after a long journey and the weather was incredible. It always is in Cornwall. I did a big shop and made a mistake of driving into Padstow what a nightmare and so busy a mistake I will never make again.

Basic camping - tent envy all the mod conns!

Basic camping – tent envy all the mod conns! My £12 Tescos tent  doing well.

How many family times had I missed in the past due to my obsession with the mountains? It is great to be asked to share a fun time together. It was so it was great to spend time with Yvette, Dave and their friends and a week away from the internet, mobile phone and tv. We were staying in a magic but basic house in Haryln Bay just 5 minutes from the beach and it was an incredible break. Lexi had a great week and we had some special moments and hardly drove anywhere as everything was on the door step. Cornwall was as usual beautiful and the weather magnificent every day the location made the trip incredible and well worth the long drive.

Busy Beach!

Busy Beach!

No holiday down Cornwall  can be complete without a days climbing and I managed a day out thanks Yvette and Lexi. Pete Greening who is a long-term mate and lives in this mecca of surf and rock and runs Kernow “Cornwall” Climber offered me a day out on the rock. He had a plan and a route in mind it was on my bucket list for old climbers and we took a day out!

What route was it – to be continued!

About heavywhalley.MBE

Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 37 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 3 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer when body slows, loves the wild places.
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7 Responses to Cornwall a long journey but what a fun trip.

  1. Al Coy says:

    I’d have leant you my ex Leuchars MRT Blacks Mt tent if you’d asked – still going strong (but not pitched for about four yrs) !



  2. A; Coy says:

    Only cclimbed in Cornwall once, Bosigran, just before joinibg RAF – long long ago and in a differant galaxy!


  3. Dick Dorling says:

    Have to mention that I was the hooker on Univ of London Rugger XV that travelled to Cornwell in’61. Got beaten by Redruth and Penzance Newlyn. Can Recall only one detail–Scrumpy!.
    A year later climbed at Bosigran–good memories of that.


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