Ledgowan a few thoughts?

Yesterday I went to Ledgown Estate with a few friends to walk, this Estate has been in the news recently after a few problems were raised about access for walkers. The estate is about one hours drive from Inverness and is near the village of Achnasheen.  The problems have been well written about by many and I felt it was time I went for myself to see what they were. The day started off with a break down of my friend’s car outside Nairn but two other pals picked us up and we were soon at Achnasheen.  We walked in a group of 10  and set off from the village, I wanted to see the impact of the Estate road which I have written about in the past  and how the access was to get on the hills?  The right of access is a thing to be cherished and one must try to see both sides of the discussion? As we crossed the road two cars  stopped and wished us the best on our walk and gave us a local view of their thoughts, no names were given as many rely on the Estate for employment. Interesting to see the local interest.

The track - I am sure it will be a real scar after a winter or storm - working with Environment.?

The track – I am sure it will be a real scar after a winter or storm – working with Environment.?

We passed the big house and the Estate workers were  friendly busy butchering a stag. Access to the track was across some wet boggy moorland and we were soon on the track. The track is  now a hideous part of the scenery  and is used to allow the Estate guests access  for various activities up on the moorland and loch. The Estate runs the usual shoots and also “wild life safaris” using this access track. The usual notices were on the gates about stalking and care of the land. The weather was poor at times and we met about another 20 people who were out for a walk. We had a few discussions on route, locals were also walking. The track was a lot bigger than I imagined and it will be interesting to see how it copes with the winter storms and floods.

The sign on the gate and all over the Estate.

The sign on the gate and all over the Estate.

There has been problems in the past as the Estate has a security policy which to me after 30 odd years in the military seems excessive? Photos have been taken of walkers at times and most of the gates have been locked on the Estate. The estate say this is due to thefts of equipment, animals  and for security of guests that come from all over the world. We had no problems a bit more signage directing may help to assist walkers onto the correct routes? During the Stalking season just saying that the hills are close due to stalking is not good enough in these days.  More on these problems may help?

Achnasheen - in the back ground.

Achnasheen – in the back ground.

Walkers have to help and understand that we have to work together, I understand the problems about dogs and wild life and the Estates worries. also the dangers in the hills during the Stalking season. Modern day living has brought new problems, thefts, rustling are now part of modern life on an estate and they have to safeguard their livelihood. I do not understand why the threat to security is such to guests – this is Achnasheen not Libya?

My view is that this wonderful land is not just for the rich few to enjoy, but it is to be shared by all and looked after for future generations. I think the problems at Ledgowan are not over by along way?

I will be interested to see how Highland Council get on once the publicity dies down?

Lots of work to do for the future!

About heavywhalley.MBE

Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 37 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 3 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer when body slows, loves the wild places.
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9 Responses to Ledgowan a few thoughts?

  1. Mike says:

    Interesting , I thought stag season finished over a month ago?


  2. Colin Munro says:

    We passed you walking in the opposite direction about 2pm – the damage done to the hillside on the steep sections above the village is bad enough but the devastation to the peat further up is absolutely shocking. Should add that the gate leading to the big hoose was conveniently locked with a brand new padlock on the way back down.


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  4. Tom Forrest says:

    Hope it wasn’t a stag, if so it was out of season.Two hinds were taken up hill and brought back down again in back of ATV, one was thought by some to be still breathing. One shot was fired in estate yard after ATV had returned, conclusion??


  5. Anon says:

    An awful estate, like many up there. Hell bent on destruction of anything that they can’t shoot.

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