Royal Naval Mountain Rescue Team – Sub Unit of RAF Kinloss and RAF Leuchars MRT.

I asked if anyone had any information about Royal Naval Team in Mountain Rescue there were a few Royal  Naval person ell who came out training with us at RAF Kinloss in 1972. They from Royal Naval Air Station Fulmar ( Lossiemouth) I got two replies.


HMS Fulmar had an MRT which was a sub unit of RAF Kinloss MRT. HMS Condor, Arbroath was a sub unit of RAF Leuchars MRT at that time. Both these teams were very useful because they could increase numbers on a search significantly. They also produced some excellent climbers. We all worked very well together hill parties were always a mix of RAF and Royal Navy.

Ray Sefton ( Sunshine)

From Tony Bradshaw

In the late 60’s guys from Lossiemouth used to come out with us at the weekends … some even took us when they went diving for scallops at Badacro .Allan Jackson and Ian Cox. – thanks for your help.


RAF MRT SUB UNITS – USUALLY KEPT IN THE LOCAL POLICE STATION OR WITH A KEEPER – 1950,s. These below were set up by the First Aid Committee forerunner of the Scottish Mountain Rescue Committee and run by local clubs and the SMC.

The RAF Teams set up Sub Units all over Scotland usually in Police Stations with basic equipment available for use by mountaineers in an emergency.

Stretcher Posts. – Equipment in Scotland is now as follows:–

Skye: Glenbrittle Thomas stretcher and complete equipment
S.M.C. -Sligachan Do. S.M.C.

Fort William: Marshall & Pearson’s Garage -Do. Dr Duff, Belford Hospital Ben Nevis: The CIC Hut Do. S.M.C

Glencoe: Clachaig Do. S.M.C.
Crianlarich: Police Station Do. Lomond M.C.
Arrochar: Police Station Do. Creagh Dhu M.C.
Arran: Brodick Police (Not yet equipped) Lomond M.C.
Aviemore: Coylumbridge (Mr Grant) -Duff stretcher and complete equipment -Moray M.C.
Braemar Lui Beg Thomas stretcher and complete equipment
Grampian – Police Station Duff stretcher and complete equipment
Cairngorm – Spittal of Muick: Mr Robertson Thomas stretcher and complete equipment
Cairngorm – Glenmore Lodge became a sub – unit in 1957!

A bit more!

Jim Morrision

Having just re-read your first article on ‘Learning’ I saw you were asking about a team from Fulmar. I was at Kinloss from 1964 – 1968 and during that time we had a fairly close relationship with a group from Fulmar who belonged to, I think it was the RN Mountaineering Association’, they had a hut at Poll Dhu (The Navy Hut) and quite often when we were in the area we would join parties on the hill (and in the hut afterwards with liberal quantities of ‘neaters’ being consumed). I can’t remember any names but they did have a Lieutenant who came out with them, he was a great guy and good mountaineer, unfortunately he came to a nasty end falling in to a crevasse in Antarctica. I never heard of there being a team there nor were they a sub unit.

About heavywhalley.MBE

Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 37 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 3 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer when body slows, loves the wild places.
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12 Responses to Royal Naval Mountain Rescue Team – Sub Unit of RAF Kinloss and RAF Leuchars MRT.

  1. I can recall when ps at Leeming early 70s ,I had to go every year on sub unit checks ,mainly police stations in the Yorkshire dales and the lakes ,would be shown into a dusty storeroom usually in the attic ,and dig through piles of rubbish to find any equipment ,had to take an armoumer to check the flares .Keswick and Grassington police stations ,were sub units as was Moffat .
    Best wishes


  2. Bugsy Rick and myself went out to RAF Stornaway to check the Sub Unit Easter 72.

    Out of interest the RAF(Sts) had a Telephone box – like Sub unit at Craig Y Nos in the Swansea Valley


  3. Stan Sheehan says:

    Hi Heavy, Abroath Team came out most weekends with Leuchars in the early 60’s.


  4. Alan Jackson says:

    I was a member of both Arbroath and Lossie Navy MRT at the time Tony Bradshaw was in RAF MRT. I also had the Navy’s only Search and Rescue Dog and worked with RAF dog handlers on searches.

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  5. Alan Jackson says:

    Pete Conway (Swill) and I used to work together with our two dogs on searches and exercises. Anyone heard of Pete’s whereabouts?


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