The Northern lights last night in Morayshire and all over Scotland – we live in a special place.

Late last night I got a text from a mate in the village saying the Northern lights were in the sky and as it was during the football I nearly missed it. I went down to the back shore in my village and away from the street lights I was given an amazing show. The sky was like a movie set, but far better the light was like star wars and beams of light were all over the sky, it was truly amazing. Add to this the waves and the sea it was a special sight and one that only nature can truly produce. I just stood and wondered at the power again of nature and though it was getting late there were lots of people wandering about looking in amazement.  Who needs a television when this is on your doorstep?

The Northern Lights photo Andy Lawson.

The Northern Lights last night  photo Andy Lawson.

I had a rare visit to Inverness shopping yesterday and it was busy, I was looking for a pair of lightweight boots and managed to get them in the end.  Most people know I hate shopping and cities even more. I am glad that the Go Outdoors shop is now supporting Scottish Mountain Rescue by asking if customers would like to donate a £1 after a purchase. Before it was a collection purely for England and Wales which to me was daft in Inverness, where the small Scottish local teams especially need every penny they get. I wrote and complained a while a go and had a “Victor Meldrum” moment at the till but it is great to see that it is now sorted.  I also mentioned it in my blog a few years ago in a rant. Well done to all who helped and whoever had a change of direction in the company and supported the local Scottish Teams thanks. You get a badge saying you are a Scottish Mountain Rescue Supporter with your donation! These teams need every penny they can get, so thanks again. One of the few good things about being in the town is you meet a few old friends. I met Terry Cornfield in the town an amazing man and ex – Team Leader and still a member of Lochaber Mountain Rescue Team. He had been out in the recent call – outs with the Lochaber team and in his usual unassuming way said they were interesting call outs. Terry like many is another real character and was a great help to me in my time in Mountain Rescue. He looks so young there must be something in the water in Lochaber? (Donald Watt another Lochaber MRT veteran and ex – Team Leader says it is the whisky) Both were great supporters of the RAF Mountain Rescue Teams especially when we through a sticky patch in the mid – 90’s , they have seen it all and their support is never forgotten by me. It is worth noting that Wayne Rooney the footballer on reportedly £300,000 a week gets a bit less than the Scottish Government gives to the Scottish Mountain Rescue Teams annually!

Food for thought Alec Salmond! That is my Knighthood gone again.


Support the Mountain Rescue Teams.

Off for a wander today with the aptly named “Last of the Summer Wine Mountaineering Club” (Scottish Division) We are meeting at Tarvie service station for a brew at 0900 and heading North, the forecast has changed a bit as it does. There will be some great company today and a wander among these  incredible mountains.  What can be better good company and great wild mountains and nature everywhere. We  are living the dream every day I hope we realize it?

The photos on all the Blogs and websites are off huge Cornices the ones on Ben Nevis are massive as they are all over. Please be very careful, there is are so many everywhere, from Lochaber, the Cairngorms, the Mamores, The Northern hills, Ben Nevis and all over. This is a huge winter for snow and they are extremely dangerous. If your route is threatened by one of these giants please leave it alone and go and find another climb away from the danger.

Cornice but small in comparison with the ones on Ben Nevis, Lochnagar and the big Cairngorm Cliffs.

Cornice but small in comparison with the ones on Ben Nevis, Lochnagar and the big Cairngorm Cliffs.

Have a look on the Abacus website and Facebook page incredible photos.

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Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 37 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 3 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer when body slows, loves the wild places.
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  1. Karen Hutchence says:

    Very enjoyable reading. Nice Northern lights pictures also.


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