Windfarms are to be banned in Scotland’s National Parks / Scenic Areas – a small victory?

WINDFARMS are to be banned in Scotland’s National Parks and national scenic areas, under new planning guidelines announced by the Scottish Government.

My views on Windfarms are well known but at least we have made a small difference by the latest news from the goverment. I would have less problem if the energy, profit etc was all part of a UK energy company where the  profits of this goes to the greater good of the country and the people. It does not vast profits go abroad to foreign investors  and some landowners make obscene profits even when they turbines are not working. Is this the energy utopia we want . Anyway a small victory has been won and we must thank those who fight for our rights,while many have their heads in the sands. Maybe we may know have the beginning of an energy policy that suits our country. Any views are welcome?


Nothing to blight the landscape - lets keep it that way. The National Parks and such areas are worth looking after.

Nothing to blight the landscape – lets keep it that way. The National Parks and such areas are worth looking after.

This is from the Scotsman Website! –

The move, part of the National Planning Framework, will offer protection to nearly a third of Scotland’s land area, including new wild land areas identified by Scottish Natural Heritage.

The proposal also introduces five new measures in relation to the controversial practice of hydraulic fracturing – known as fracking – including a requirement for buffer zones and community consultations.

Planning minister Derek MacKay insisted that the Scottish Government “remains strongly committed” to wind energy, but said they “want the right developments in the right places”.

“We have taken steps to ensure that no wind farm developments can go ahead in our cherished National Parks and National Scenic Areas, and we have strengthened the protection of wild land, with new maps and inclusion directly in the SPP and NPF3,” he said.

“Any application for coalbed methane or shale gas projects must comply with the appropriate regulatory regimes, including SEPA’s guidance on the regulation of shale gas and coalbed methane.

Ian Jardine, chief executive of Scottish Natural Heritage, which today released its Wild Land Areas Map 2014, said: “This new map helps to do this by identifying which are the key areas of wild land. We warmly welcome the Government’s recognition of these areas in the new National Planning Framework and the Scottish Planning Policy.

“The planning documents launched today do much more than recognise the importance of the wild land resource. They also recognise the extensive role of nature and landscape in the wider sense, and people’s enjoyment of it, in achieving sustainable economic growth.”

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Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 37 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 3 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer when body slows, loves the wild places.
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2 Responses to Windfarms are to be banned in Scotland’s National Parks / Scenic Areas – a small victory?

  1. easain says:

    I’m totally with you on that Heavy! But I can’t help but wonder whether, had this been done 10 or so years ago, the area covering the Monadh Liath might have extended further SW to include what was once probably the wildest, emptiest, least frequented tract of high moor anywhere in Britain – and is now the site of the Glen Doe Reservoir and future Stronelairg windfarm …..


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