Before the Referendum a few thoughts – discussion without venom!


Margo MacDonald

Margo MacDonald

The atmosphere in Scotland at the moment is incredible the Referendum vote is tomorrow with a huge vote over 80% expected. All the leaders from Westminster have been and gone and now it is up to the people of Scotland to decide. We must be very proud despite the press and media insinuating that it has been a bloody campaign. I have been all over Scotland and not seen this, I have seen heated discussions and all types of people now involved in politics many for the first time. I have attended Yes and No rallies and enjoyed the debate, most in good taste but politics can get heated. There are idiots on both sides and I have been called a traitor and other things outside my front door early one morning. This is life and with so much at stake I accept the flak but I also see the other side and tomorrow we all decide.

A vote is a wonderful tool, never truly appreciated by many but we have the chance to say how we feel at every election. The UK whatever the outcome has had a huge shake up and our Leaders will have to work harder to make this a fairer society, that is what most people want. It is great to see the young involved and I have enjoyed their input and I hope this will be to the benefit of all in the future.    Scotland no matter what happens has raised its profile so high, the world has watched a civilised debate that many nations envy and I am so glad to have had this in my life. Whatever occurs after Thursday  please vote as you feel and then draw a line and accept the result that is democracy!

I leave you with the words of Margo MacDonald as the big day draws closer.

Margo MacDonald In death she had given her husband, Jim Sillars, the cerebral former SNP MP and great rival of Alex Salmond, a message about the “palpable air of bitter antagonism” generated in some debates ahead of September’s referendum.

Mr Sillars  said that just before she died, he and his wife had discussed the need for those campaigning on both sides in the referendum to respect their opponents. In his tribute, Sillars said: “The Margo MacDonald way is to recognise that you are dealing with opponents, not enemies. Not with ogres, but with fellow human beings with whom you can disagree, but must do so without malice.

“And where the exercise of mutual respect is a civilised corrective to uncivilised abuse – an abuse which, if unchecked by both sides, can so easily mutate into an irreversible, corrosive, malign influence in the conduct of public life in Scotland.”

He added: “Margo’s life work was a passionate pursuit of Scottish independence. If Margo could debate without conceding one iota of principle,

Margo MacDonald

Margo MacDonald

, so can we all. If she could respect the right of the other side to their opinions, so can we all. That’s what she wanted me to say.”

The remarks got a huge round of applause. I hope the winners and losers of the referendum in September remember his words.

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2 Responses to Before the Referendum a few thoughts – discussion without venom!

  1. Great write up and especially love the quotes. They could apply anywhere. I will be watching with great interest, and I can’t help but feel either way the United Kingdom is now forever changed. Good luck on Thursday


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