Dog Tales, from the back of a land rover, Helicopter, Hercules – The end.

1987 teallach cummingston

I was getting old by now I was over 10 and as they say had some “paper round” my body was as one would expect beginning to show my age. I was not allowed to jump over fences any more or jump out of the 4 tonner.  I still managed big days though but was very sore at the end of a day. I began to sleep even more not easy as home with Stephen and the cat on my case but I saw a lot more of them. The team had a plane crash just of the Station a Canberra aircraft crashed killing one of the crew but the team were there to help get the other aircrew out with their spinal boards. Heavy was running the Call outs and was on Control most of the time and I stayed with him. Meeting more God’s of Mountain Rescue. The Team had two Search Dogs now and we made friends, they even had a case made for them to travel in the land rovers!

1990 Teallach and Clova at Hopeman

Heavy went away for a long period to the Himalayas and for the first time I stayed at home and was looked after by the family and was I looked after very well, he was away for 7 weeks. When he came back I went out and had a hard winter, the cold really hit me, my joints were very stiff. We had lots of visits to the men in white coats, lots of pills and potions but you cannot stop aging. I loved our walks with the kids, swimming was great for me and I would be in the sea every day not matter what the weather and still jumping off the rocks into the sea the kids loved it. We often went to Cummingston  our local sea cliff and I loved the summer and the sun whilst the kids and team climbed.

These are boring and I used to walk out when they went on to long!

These are boring and I used to walk out when they went on to long!

Gradually I got worse and as happens my back legs started to fail, I could not get up easy, I was in pain but never showed it. Heavy had to put me in the car and weekends were spent with the cook  at Base Camp but it was great to be with the troops. My last hill was the local Ben Rinnes with the kids and after that it got a lot worse with my arthritis really affecting me.  In the end going to the tollet was not easy and getting up after it was worse, I just lay about and slept a lot more, the pain was worse and I even growled a bit when Heavy lifted me, but it was the pain that made me do it.


My life got pretty bad and there was little to be done, the man in the white coat said so. Heavy did not tell anyone but he did the right thing and we had a great wander down to Cummingston our local sea cliff he carried me down the path to the sea. After that we went to the vets and I had one of the few cuddles from him and then slept dreaming about the hills and all my friends and the kids. I was a proud dog but had lost my dignity, in great pain and it was definitely the correct thing to do and I was asleep in seconds.

The last thing I saw was Heavy’s tears and all and he had to go tell Vicky, Yvette,  Steven yet and the team.

What a dog, what a life thanks Teallach.

About heavywhalley.MBE

After dinner speaker Lecturer and Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 36 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 4 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer and loves the wild places.
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10 Responses to Dog Tales, from the back of a land rover, Helicopter, Hercules – The end.

  1. Al Coy says:

    As an elderly dog myself I really appreciated this, I’ll show it to Al – Gypsy.


  2. Peter Kay says:

    Nice one Hevs, thats how life should be lived, kick the ass out of it and then go before ones dignity starts to suffer – shame we can’t do the same for human kind. Hope all is well north of the border.



  3. Roscoe says:

    Don’t mind admitting I felt my eyes welling up a wee bit. So many happy memories of Teallach.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Lyndon Jones says:

    Very nicely done, over the years I’ve seen so many Search Dog’s come and go. Though I never handled a Dog with SARDA Wales I had my Own The decision is never easy anyone reading this I think would be helped through the bad times by your words. Kind regards Lyndon


  5. Ian Rideout says:

    What a great and ultimately sad story Heavy. This would undoubtedly make a brilliant little book and be loved by many people. What about the title: ‘He is Heavy and he’s my brother – dog tales from the back of a landrover’ ? Enjoyed reading all the instalments. Thanks.

    Liked by 1 person

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