Safely down South – a wild drive!

I managed to arrive safely down South yesterday the drive from Ayr started early and the Murkirk hill road across to the M74 was very icy – I hardly saw a gritter! I normally pass and stop the legend and Liverpool Football Managers ” Bill Shankly “Memorial at Glenbuck but not today. This is a wild place in the winter and was full of coal pits and mines in the past. It bred some of Scotland’s greatest people in this harsh environment and the village where Bill was born is no longer there.

I love the quote below and how such an area produced so many incredible people, I wonder what he would make of the Liverpool Team it now?


Bill Shankly Memorial - Glenbuck

Bill Shankly Memorial – Glenbuck

i stopped to visit the lovely lady who always looked after RAF Mountain Rescue Teams Elma at Crainlarich and was fed lovely bacon rolls and cakes.  Rannoch Moor was terrible the day before and the weather changed every half hour from driving snow to heavy rain and then sunshine 4 seasons in a day! I would ensure you have all the gear in the car , shovel etc and the snow tyres do make a difference but care must be taken.  So many were ill prepared for the journey!

I was glad to see the M74 and it was clear of snow and the car celebrating 200000 miles was going well. It was still very dark and heavy snow filled clouds as I passed the Lake District and the hills were plastered with snow but the road still  clear. I was hit by various showers but soon the daylight came and it was clear motorway driving. I had two stops for a break and to stretch the legs and reached Reading area by 1300. The M6 / M40 was fine but busy and as I got nearer the roads got even busier! There were Red kites and even buzzards in the last few miles as I got off the motorway and I was a day early on my travels. Yvette ( my stepdaughter) was so glad and the kids over the moon that I was here  early.
It was a long way to drive after the operations but to be with Lexi and Ellie was magic. Lexi( aged 4 )gave me a tour of the house and it was a special time! Mum went out to do some things with Ellie get some special photos of Ellie Skye and I watched and sang along to “Frozen” with Lexi! It is going to be some trip and I will like many become a “Frozen expert” again at the end. It was a special moment and I must have drifted of to sleep as Lexi had covered me with a blanket and tucked me in!  The benefits of being a granddad!
The Christmas  tree was up and the new house very special! Dad arrived with some outdoor decorations and we now have Bambi on the house now! Lexi loves it and Ellie Skye just laughs and is in everything ! The house is magic and I love it even Flo the dog is glad to see me as well! I got here safe and this is what Christmas is about a time for the kids to enjoy and grandparents to cherish!
Yvette killed the “fatted calf” for my tea but that is another story and we had a great night. It was a wild journey but worth it these are special times for me and I am enjoying every minute!
So a blog with no hills or mountains.
Lots of snow on these hills so be careful – please!

About heavywhalley.MBE

After dinner speaker Lecturer and Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 36 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 4 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer and loves the wild places.
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  1. gpcox says:

    A wonderful tribute.


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