Outfit Moray – New Patron an honour.

 I was asked recently by an old friend if I would be a Patron of a local Charity Outfit Moray.  This is what I wrote.

“Many thanks for the honour of being the First Patron of Outfit Moray and I will try to do my best for you. I have read and met some of your instructors on my travels and heard lots of good things about the organisation and the work you do and if I can help in any way I will. Outfit Moray are are great asset to the local community I am especially interested in their vision to get youngsters out in outdoors and all the benefits that this brings.

“I am looking forward to using my years of experience to help Outfit Moray continue with their amazing charitable work in using outdoor learning and adventure to develop the potential of young people, their  families and communities; building self-confidence, growing self- esteem, improving life skills and encouraging active learning. As a charity and social business, Outfit Moray is unique in its holistic approach, valuing courage, compassion, patience perseverance and integrity. Through encouraging risk awareness, positive risk taking, teamwork, leadership and a selfless approach to others, they are very successful in increasing health & well being, encouraging resourcefulness and creating a sense of purpose in young people.

At times we forget our local Charities and I am sure that any help anyone can give would be greatfully


‘Heavy’ will open and be speaking at the first of a series of Spirit of Adventure Evenings at the Universal Hall, Findhorn on 27th February 2015 to raise money for Outfit Moray. Tickets priced at £5.50 are available from info@outfitmoray.com


Outfir Moray logo

Outfit Moray

Our Vision

Outfit Moray changes lives by creating the opportunity for everyone to take part in outdoor learning and adventure activities irrespective of their ability, financial position or location.

Our Mission

To actively develop potential and make a difference to the lives of others, and in particular young people, their families and communities, through accessible and affordable outdoor learning and adventure: building self-confidence, growing self-esteem, encouraging life skills and improving health.

We take a holistic approach to developing potential, using outdoor adventure to build trust, to challenge and to provide focus; valuing courage, compassion, patience, perseverance and integrity. We encourage risk awareness and positive risk taking, teamwork, leadership and a selfless approach to others. It is our aim to increase happiness and improve well-being, encourage resourcefulness and create a sense of purpose in life.

We value volunteers, providing training and development opportunities to enhance their skills, enabling them to participate in our work and use outdoor adventure to change lives.


Our Aims

  • To increase the capacity to deliver activities by developing a strong volunteer programme
  • To achieve a range of key outcomes relating to life skills and personal development
  • To provide a wide variety of outdoor activities that are imaginative and challenging and where ‘positive risk taking’ is encouraged
  • To support key agencies, organisations and groups in Moray to make Scotland a wealthier, fairer, healthier, safer, smarter, stronger and greener society
  • To build effective long term partnerships with local community organisations, other social enterprises, the local authority and private sector business.

Our Outcomes

  • Continuous progress towards being at least 50% financially sustainable
  • Volunteers skills are enhanced through training and development opportunities and experience is gained through regular contact with young people
  • The life skills of young people (including leadership, team working, communication, personal planning and taking responsibility) will be enhanced and improved
  • People will be more active outdoors and consequently healthier in mind and body
  • Young people will be more engaged in learning
  • The confidence and self esteem of young people in particular and others supported by the project will be  developed and improved.


Fundraising and Sustainability

To fulfil our objectives we work hard to raise funds and subsidise our activities. However, to sustain our level of commitment to the communities of Moray we are in constant need of donations from Grant Making Trusts, Corporate Organisations and Private Sponsors.

Our Values

These are the things we think are important in the people we employ and work with, and in the way we work. These are values we hope to instill in the young people we work with through our EnerG and Activ8 projects.


Shared values, loyalty, trust, respect, sharing, inclusion, diversity, support, friendship, leadership, family, honesty, openness, fairness, equality, responsibility, accountability


Access to the outdoors, encouraging others to enjoy and care for the environment and to take responsibility, leaving the area cleaner than we found it, treading gently, driving and parking carefully, helping land owners and farmers, respecting other people’s interests and privacy, being true to Outfit environmental code of practice, maintaining a professional, clean and tidy office, maintaining a clean, well organised and tidy equipment store, reducing, reusing and recycling our waste.


Motivating others, having fun at work, celebrating success, maintaining opportunities for trying new things, celebrating and sharing in other people’s happiness, a good sense of humour, working together, sharing experiences, smiling, variety.


Understanding that education is a lifelong process, ensuring that there is time for personal development, individual training plans, developing programmes, setting targets and challenges, learning from mistakes, a broad range of opportunities, learning from experience, taking responsibility for ‘our own’ learning, creating the ‘right’ environment for learning, investing in the process, evaluating programmes and courses, developing opportunities, listening to others, passing on ‘our own’ knowledge and experience to others, accepting coaching and coaching others, developing different teaching styles and approaches.

Creativity and Innovation

Creating time to generate ideas, picking up on the ‘small things’, testing ideas, thinking ‘out of the box’, the belief that new ways of doing things keeps us motivated and helps us to work ‘smarter’, enquiring minds, considered opinions, putting new ideas into practice, an enthusiasm for change, a flexible attitude and approach, valuing people’s input to the process.


Positive attitude to work and to people, being on time, doing the right thing (effectiveness), doing the thing right (efficiency), personal discipline, courtesy to others, accepting and giving feedback, working with others, setting clear goals and objectives, maintaining high standard of instruction – leading or guiding even when it gets tough, saying ‘no’ when we know we should, clear and positive communication, willingness to support and work with others.

About heavywhalley.MBE

After dinner speaker Lecturer and Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 36 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 4 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer and loves the wild places.
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