2014 – some of my the highlights and memories.

The year started with big snows, the mountains were the place to go as the ice and snow hardly hit the towns.  It was the heaviest snow for many years on the mountains.

Dan Chno No

Dan Chno No Cairngorms

Cornices  were big and scary, that made us all very wary and at times conditions were challenging.

As a Grandad I met my latest addition Ellie Skye such a lovely wee soul, I am blessed with her and Lexi her sister. I have had several lovely visits South to see them and miss them every day. I am lucky I see them most days due to modern technology.

lexi ellie

Sgurr Mor Fannichs - Pete Greening photo

Sgurr Mor Fannichs – Pete Greening photo

On the mountains there was a heavy snow cover and it was a long winter. Spring and summer came at last I went up to Assynt to finish the task the dedication of the Anson Crash Memorial.

The old memorial is now gone.

The old memorial is now gone.

The new memorial to the crew, the old one above now gone. There was so much work for a few and I cannot thank you all enough, too many to name.Now in place a memorial new For those who  died for you.

Assynt Memorial.

Assynt Memorial.

On the hill the summer was fun, we had so many hot days in the sun. Corbetts new made the year, many new areas visited.

Arnisdale Corbetts

Arnisdale Corbetts

A bit of sunny rock as well there were a few new cliffs and climbs with Pete on the East Coast we never met a soul climbing fantastic days of dolphins and blue seas.

Crag x

Crag x

St Kilda was a place I yearned for many years I dreamed about this place, I was not disappointed what an incredible and special group of Islands. The boat was magic and the crew of the magic boat the Cuma looked after us every day. The weather was outstanding and we had an incredible time.

Village Bay St Kilda

Village Bay St Kilda

Four great days of blissful sun. A perfect trip we felt as one, the sea the sun and land so green every day was blissful sun. I saw and walked along the huge cliffs where the islanders collected eggs and birds for there food harvest in this wild place. I also visited two aircraft crashes on the main Island.



With cliffs rising from the sea full of birds flying free, history in every place families lived here and fought the weather. They must have been as tough as leather!

St Kilda Memorail

St Kilda Memorail

There are two aircraft crashes on the main island and many aircraft went missing in this area on Navigational Exercises on training I visited both sites what a sad and lonely place to die.

Village Bay

Village Bay

I never will forget this trip, a journey that I will never forget.These wild seas, bedecked with birds and cliffs so high an incredible journey in a special place.

End of a great trip


The Referendum was incredible but some of it was awful, it was one of the most upsetting days of my life. I found it hard that good friends fell out, many love the Union and many wanted Scotland to go on it own.

yes No

Each has their view  and we should not fall -out over politics. I am sure it will happen one day? The great thing is there is now a huge political awareness in this country and that to me is a good thing. I would pray that we all stay friends no matter what.

Yes No

That is never easy but huge changes will come hopefully for the better. I went to several Yes and No meetings and was impressed about the dialog and proud of how my country dealt with it.


Jimmy Simpson on the hill thanks to

Jimmy Simpson on the hill thanks to John for the photo.

I lost some great friends this year Jimmy Simpson and Mick Anderson they were sad times and ensure that Health is what matters.

Mick Anderson the Winchman!

Mick Anderson the Winchman!

I have had a few health problems myself which has slowed me down and await another operation after the New Year. It makes me more aware of using every day and living life to the full again once fit.

Outfit Moray

Outfit Moray

I have been honoured to become a Patron of Outfit Moray

Outfit Moray changes lives by creating the opportunity for everyone to take part in outdoor learning and adventure activities irrespective of their ability, financial position or location.

Our Mission – To actively develop potential and make a difference to the lives of others, and in particular young people, their families and communities, through accessible and affordable outdoor learning and adventure: building self-confidence, growing self-esteem, encouraging life skills and improving health.


I hope when my health returns that I can help the youth in some small way through Outfit Moray. It has been an incredible year and I thank all for their kindness and support. The Blog has now over 300000 hits I hope you keep following and wish you all and your families and friends a healthy and successful New Year.

Al big walk

Al big walk


Al Lands End




About heavywhalley.MBE

After dinner speaker Lecturer and Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 36 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 4 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer and loves the wild places.
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2 Responses to 2014 – some of my the highlights and memories.

  1. dog John says:

    Happy new year Heavy, once again many thanks for your blog, you have had a few wee enjoyable trips last year, here’s hoping your health gets back to normal, you looked tired yesterday! Anyway all the best for 2015, maybe meet you one day on the hill.


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