Thanks to all the staff in Aberdeen ARI Hospital and all the kind words!

It has been a long 2 days visits to Hospital are never easy and to be fair I have a rough time recently. I have had an ongoing bowel problem for several years, which when it flares up absolutely floors me. I am always a terrible patient it has been a hard few moths. This was made even worse by not being able to go out on the Hills since mid December!

I managed to get another operation eventually yesterday and hardly slept a wink the night before at home it was not excitement I knew what was to come. A great friend Al Swadel took me the 70 miles to Aberdeen, it was just like an Alpine start in the mountain huts, but with no views or adventure at the end of the day. We left home at 0600 up at 0500 and the road was busy to Aberdeen. What a bottleneck with traffic near Aberdeen at 0730 but Al got me there. Al works in the oil industry in the town and we had a great chat about Politics, the roads, the mountains and football! I only tried to eject twice as Al got excited about all four subjects.

Thanks though Al it was great if you and I will repay you!

I arrived 2 hours early for my admission and as I was on a pre -op Fast since 1800 the day before – water was the breakfast choice. I watched as others tucked into theirs in the Cairngorm restaurant at the hospital. I had so much time to read the papers and have a wander.

There was snow on the ground and pretty slippy so I did not go far. My operation was not till late in the day so I had a long wait after the form filling and other tasks like blood pressure etc. The ward 301 has been painted looking good and as usual the staff were great and everything was explained in great detail, I cannot have Morphine so the anaesthetist had some other plans that worked well. We had a good chat.

My sister had sent me a climbing book and I sat and read it was an incredible book “One Day of a Tiger ” by John a Porter the birth of light and fast Alpinism – the story of a group of exception young climbers who came close to climbing themselves into extinction.

One day as a Tiger

One day as a Tiger

It was sad in places but the mind was away in the Himalayas and other great mountains. Another good friend arrived stuck in Aberdeen before going off shore Taff Harris a blast from the past in RAF Mountain Rescue and Glencoe MRT! We had a great hour and plans for a trip in his boat on the North West and visit Kallie in the future. What great friends I have it made me chuckle as Taff still looks 21 !

It was a long day when I was called late in the afternoon, waiting is never easy and it all went well and the care given was exceptional. Everyone had time and kind words and the professionalism was great! Just before I went under the anaesthetist and me were chatting about Yosemite and I drifted of in a world of waterfalls, wild life, flowers and huge granite cliffs . The book I had just read had put mountains in my head as always . I will do a review of this soon a great read and at times very relevant to my era and sad losses of great friends!

I awoke a bit sore about 1830 and had some tea it was wonderful just like after a hard day on the hill. Again the care was great and my sandwich was devoured and enjoyed, the body has started to recover slowly.

The night is broken in the ward just like an Alpine hut or bivouacked but far better and blood pressure is taken at 0200 and 0600. My poor mate next door has had dialysis from 2300 – 0230 a great character from Orkney who has built so many highland roads a hardy man. I even got a “good night “from the nurses as I went to sleep a lovely touch to me .

I am ready for a shower and get my dressings off and then see the Surgeon about what they did and how it went! It will be a slow progress but hopefully successful. My other mate John is driving me from Aberdeen home a round trip from Inverness of 200 miles. What a star thank you !

I have had so many kind words and even a Funeral Plan from my fan club ! Many thanks to you all it does help greatly even the bad jokes.

The NHS is struggling in the UK but what a service it still has and gives daily so many kind clever professional people that work in it. My operations were minor compared with many and my journey has been at times very difficult. There is so much good about I hope our politicians and those in power get it right for the future.

We have been given an incredible Service trying to deal with all the modern day Health problems. We owe it to future generations that we leave them this incredible inheritance that so many take for granted. Thanks agin to all at ARI Aberdeen for there care,

Time for the Politicians to sort out differences and unite and deal with this nations key problems!

Sorry no photos and spelling etc written on my phone in the middle of the night!
Will add a few photos when I get home!

About heavywhalley.MBE

After dinner speaker Lecturer and Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 36 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 4 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer and loves the wild places.
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21 Responses to Thanks to all the staff in Aberdeen ARI Hospital and all the kind words!

  1. Wishing you a swift recovery Heavy. Let us know if you need anything. More than happy to pop round and sort your fire etc on a daily basis.

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  2. All the best Heavy. I’m sure it won’t take you long to get back out on the hills again!

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  3. ptsd17 says:

    Despite all the bad press ARI is a fantastic place with exceptional staff, the NHS is a fantastic service envied around the world.
    Did you check out the new art gallery in ARI?

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  4. And there’s me laying here with “Man Flu” feeling sorry for myself , cursing the fact that no one has found a cure ! …all the best Heavy and a speedy recover …speaking personally ..No pic’s of your Op’ please. :o)))

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  5. KragRags says:

    Well said. The incredible service available to us from the NHS is often taken for granted. Any time spent in developing countries, where even the most basic healthcare is in short supply or totally unavailable, emphasises just how fortunate we are in the UK. Wishing you a speedy recovery from your op.

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  6. Get well soon Heavy. The hills are waiting for you. If you need another good book I can heartily recommend May the Fire Always Be Lit – the biography of Jock Nimlin. It’s terrific and I think you’d really enjoy it.

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  7. al swadel says:

    No worries mate – you’ve helped me out many a time when I’ve been to more “exotic” locations than Aberdeen. Let me know if you need a lift home. No crying this time though 🙂


  8. Ian Rideout says:

    Get well soon Heavy and everyone at Outfit Moray are looking forward to seeing you when you are able. The planning for the Spirit of Adventure Talks is going well, with Windswept Brewery now confirmed as co-sponsor.

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  9. I am glad to hear that the operation went well and that you are on your way to a full recovery. I hope that you accept the help your friends are offering so that you give your body the rest it needs.


  10. Peter Kay says:

    Hi Hevs,

    Just picked this up, hope all is going well with the pipes, that book looks good, might invest. On the Beacons in a bloody whiteout last Friday, wasn’t expecting that. You will no doubt be pleased to know I had an ice axe with me, and it came in useful. Take care wee man, hope your recovery is swift and before the winter ends.


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