Missing the Hills – Antiques ice axes for sale.

An Teallach winter

An Teallach winter

Day 2 after the operation was not easy did not even manage a wander outside  after the drugs wore off. It will be a very slow  process. Great to see so much being done all over Scotland, so get out there and enjoy being outside.

Aonach Eag

I have taken all my ice axes  down in the house and getting a few things done in  so have a few classic axes for sale anyone interested before I put them on ebay/ UK Climbing forum? These are two the Chounaird ice axe they were wonderful axes and have had some great days they would be ideal on wall or someone who looks after Classic mountaineering gear?  A fair price would take them. Get in touch if interested.

Chounaird Zeros the Classic ice tools

Chounaird Zeros the Classic ice tools.

Chounaird Zero Ice Axes – This was the axe we took to Canada in 1982 what a great axe and hammer.

Chouinard zero ice axe. Wooden shaft with metal at base. One hole in middle of head painted blue inside. Adze, serrated pick.Pointed spike on ferrule with two flat sides and a white circle on each.

Early days in Canada.

Early days in Canada.

A Chouinard Zero was the Rolls Royce of ice axes and 40 years after they were first produced folk still seek them out and pay a high price to own one. The only thing that stopped them becoming even more popular was technology, as they arrived just as wooden shafted axes were being replaced by stronger and more versatile metal versions. There were metal and some kind of glass fibre, shafted versions but they were not as iconic as the wooden version. The later zero’s (as with the one we have here) had a laminated shaft to give more strength. Yvon Chounard’s first factory was called the Great Pacific Iron Works and the catalogue from 1978 tells the story:-
Northwall Hammer
Model Zero ice axe
The Model Zero Axe and the North Wall Hammer are designed for complementary use in vertical ice climbing on waterfalls, in Eastern or Canadian water ice, or for solo or super fast ascents of alpine gullies. These are specialist’s tools and are not meant to replace the standard Chouinard Piolet for general Alpine climbing. The main difference in design is in the pick, which has more curve and teeth all the way along its length for better anchorage in piolet traction, but not so much curve that an unnatural swing is required. Both models also have shorter spikes to avoid self-inflicted wounds while swinging in awkward or confined circumstances. Length: 55 cm laminated bamboo shafts. Weight: 1 Ib. 12 oz.
You may wish to soak or rub the shaft with a 50/50 mixture of lin-seed oil and turpentine to prevent water absorption. For winter climb¬ing use pine tar to seal the wood and give a good base for rubbing on X-country wax. A violet wax on a cold day will give superb grip for iced-over mittens. Paint on the tar and carefully heat the handle with a torch until the tar begins to bubble, then wipe off the excess. The carabiner hole is solely a convenience for carrying the axe. It is not to be used for belaying; a shaft-boot belay is better.

From the Scottish Mountain Heritage Collection.

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Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 37 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 3 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer when body slows, loves the wild places.
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12 Responses to Missing the Hills – Antiques ice axes for sale.

  1. Still have my laminated bamboo shafted zero axe and beach shafted hammer, compliments of the Chippies who replaced the shaft from an RAF bedleg after I’d brocken it on a course at Ballahulish. Needless to say the PTI instructor whom had lent it to me insisted thayt I paid for it. The mishap saved me a prity penny and the repair only cost a crate or possbly chocolate buiscuits!


  2. Ray Brooks says:

    Dear Sir: I just found your post about putting your Chouinard Zero axe & North Wall Hammer up for sale. I am most interested in acquiring a Chouinard North Wall Hammer, if you still have one available. I live in Idaho USA, but I could pay through PayPal in Pounds.
    Best Wishes,
    Ray Brooks

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  3. Luis Scerpella says:

    I am interested in 2 ice axe Chouinard, yet you have them?

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  4. Bryan Stadden says:

    Hi do you have any Choinard Zero axes Available?

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  5. Martin says:

    I’m interested about your Axes, both Chouinard.
    How they cost?


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  6. Bryan stadden says:

    Need the zeros to complete my collection do you know of one that might be up for sale

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