More weather on the way – Mountain Lecture Dates


It is a pretty wild forecast for the next few days and the sky over the Moray Firth was incredible as I tool my wee wander yesterday. There was a great sunset and a double  rainbow nature was doing its best to keep my spirits up and she did not disappoint. It was an incredible thing to see and I never tire of watching such amazing sights.


The weather looks wild – This is for the Cairngorms -Westerly, varying, sometimes quickly, but generally within the range 45 to 70mph. EFFECT OF WIND ON YOU?Difficult walking conditions and severe wind chill. Sometimes in sudden squalls any mobility difficult.

HOW WET? – Frequent snow & hail; risk lightning Squally, heavy snow and hail showers, sometimes merging into near constant snow over an hour or two, particularly west of the A9. Intermittent whiteout; risk thunder.

CLOUD ON THE HILLS? Extensive on higher areas Rapidly changing cloud base; occasional breaks to higher tops, but frequently forming at around 1000m and intermittently at or below 700m near precipitation.


SUNSHINE AND AIR CLARITY? Rare glimpses of sunshine, mostly Deeside. Visibility briefly excellent, but frequently appalling or near zero where in cloud and snow/blowing snow.

HOW COLD? (AT 900M)  Suddenly dropping several degrees at about dawn to -5 to -7C. Will feel as cold as minus 25C directly in the wind.

FREEZING LEVEL – Soon close to freezing point from glens up. Watch it out there!

Mountain Cafe poster for Facebook 2015

Di Gilbert is chatting on the Wednesday 11 February at 2000 hours  and the Mountain Cafe in Aviemore and you can get a meal by booking  01479812473 I am on the the next week Wednesday 18 February at 2000 hours so why not come along. Di works full time as an Independent Mountaineering Instructor, based in the Cairngorm National Park. She has never had a proper job and it is unlikely that this will change now.

Di has stood on the bottom of the world without falling off, she has stood on top of the world without suffering from vertigo, she has climbed the world’s 7 summits and completed all 282 Munros. Di holds the MIC qualification, the American Avalanche Association Level 2 and both Snowsport Scotland Alpine and Mountain Ski Leader Awards. She has represented Great Britain in the International Ski Mountaineering Federation’s World Championships and is a Director of Skimo Scotland, the home of ski mountaineering racing in Scotland.

It took Di, 6,773 days or 18 years, 6 months and 18 days to complete her Munros – somewhat longer and possibly harder than it took her to summit the world’s 7 summits.

Mountain Spirit Lecture

Mountain Spirit Lecture Friday 26 February

Outfit Moray – Our Vision – Findhorn Universal Hall Friday April 26 February door open 1900 starts 1930 all cash raised goes to the Charity sponsored by Windswept brewery.  A local charity to help local people!

Thanks for sponsoring the Findhorn Lecture,

Thanks for sponsoring the Findhorn Lecture,

Outfit Moray changes lives by creating the opportunity for everyone to take part in outdoor learning and adventure activities irrespective of their ability, financial position or location.

Our Mission

To actively develop potential and make a difference to the lives of others, and in particular young people, their families and communities, through accessible and affordable outdoor learning and adventure: building self-confidence, growing self-esteem, encouraging life skills and improving health.

We take a holistic approach to developing potential, using outdoor adventure to build trust, to challenge and to provide focus; valuing courage, compassion, patience, perseverance and integrity. We encourage risk awareness and positive risk taking, teamwork, leadership and a selfless approach to others. It is our aim to increase happiness and improve well-being, encourage resourcefulness and create a sense of purpose in life.

We value volunteers, providing training and development opportunities to enhance their skills, enabling them to participate in our work and use outdoor adventure to change lives.

Our Aims

  • To increase the capacity to deliver activities by developing a strong volunteer programme
  • To achieve a range of key outcomes relating to life skills and personal development
  • To provide a wide variety of outdoor activities that are imaginative and challenging and where ‘positive risk taking’ is encouraged
  • To support key agencies, organisations and groups in Moray to make Scotland a wealthier, fairer, healthier, safer, smarter, stronger and greener society
  • To build effective long term partnerships with local community organisations, other social enterprises, the local authority and private sector business.

Our Outcomes

  • Continuous progress towards being at least 50% financially sustainable
  • Volunteers skills are enhanced through training and development opportunities and experience is gained through regular contact with young people
  • The life skills of young people (including leadership, team working, communication, personal planning and taking responsibility) will be enhanced and improved
  • People will be more active outdoors and consequently healthier in mind and body
  • Young people will be more engaged in learning
  • The confidence and self esteem of young people in particular and others supported by the project will be  developed and improved

Fundraising and Sustainability

To fulfil our objectives we work hard to raise funds and subsidise our activities. However, to sustain our level of commitment to the communities of Moray we are in constant need of donations from Grant Making Trusts, Corporate Organisations and Private Sponsors.



Mountain Safety watch what is above you.

Mountain Safety watch what is above you.

The 2015 Clachaig Glencoe Lecture  Series -30th Anniversary Year


Each year the line up changes, as does the subject choice, However, the lectures are always a fine


balance of education and knowledge, whilst maintaining a fun and light hearted approach, delivered by locally based mountain professionals.

The line up for 2015 is:

Tuesday 3rd February
Mike Pescod
Decision Making in the Scottish Winter Mountains

Tuesday 10th February
David Heavy Whalley MBE BEM
A Heavy Affair with the Mountains

Tuesday 17th February
Richard Bentley
Winter Strategies for Glencoe & Ben Nevis

Tuesday 24th February 
Davy Gunn
Avalanche 101

– See more at:

About heavywhalley.MBE

Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 37 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 3 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer when body slows, loves the wild places.
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