Off to Aviemore Lecture – Erosion at Cummingston sea cliffs – who cares? Fort William Mountain Festival.

I managed a good walk yesterday the new pills helping the old body  it was great weather and an old friend Gail came with me. We wandered along to Hopeman on a beautiful day,  a big change from yesterdays rain. I love Hopeman its a great place and I lived there for a while, it has a magic beach and a great place to live like Burghead it has everything and I cannot wait until the granddaughters visit and we look round the rock pools, tunnels and the caves, it is a wonderful place where with the dolphins and a setting sun a place I love dearly. I  love the walk and usually it is litter free but today there was some strange rubbish about. Lots of empty wrapping bars of chocolate just dumped, what was that about? Was there a charity event on, surely they did not just dump the litter.

Erosion Cummingston

Erosion Cummingston

On the way back I and managed down to the Cummingston Sea Cliffs and was amazed by the erosion on the descent path. There was a small group climbing I have been coming here since 1972 with the RAF Mountain Rescue Teams is an incredible place with the sandstone sea stacks, the huge caves and the back ground of the Moray Firth. It is a place of some great climbing and great views and very often the Dolphins are about.  It is also a great place for kids and family times and the locals love it.

Cummingston caves and arches a place for all!

Cummingston caves and arches a place for all!

Nowadays it is well used, large groups from many Outdoor Centres use this place especially in bad weather and the toll can be seen on the descent path and the cliff edges. Maybe it is time some put something back and started a fund to repair the erosion ? It is pretty slippy just now so watch as you go down to the cliffs. There I am sure was a group formed to look after this wonderful place but little seems to have been done any ideas? Does this mean that many locals will struggle to take their young kids done this path now, I know I would be wary with my two girls?


I wrote about this a few years ago but we seem to have hit a brick wall?  It seems many  just t use and abuse? Yet many of these groups are businesses and people pay for instruction maybe a balance is needing to be taken like those who use the Mountains for huge Charity Events like the Three Peaks? How much goes to the upkeep of the paths?

I was a Trustee for a few years of the “Scottish Mountain Trust ” who have given huge sums over £700, 000 over 30 years to footpath repairs and other environmental and educational mountaineering causes. Few know about this and at least the SMT who produce mountaineering guidebooks and the great work they do and good to see that some guidebooks are putting something back.


SMT The Scottish Mountain Trust!

SMT The Scottish Mountain Trust!

I am off to my lecture in Aviemore tonight you know you have made it when this was seen in the ladies toilet seen not by me but my niece Judith! No more jokes please,

The big time

I have defiantly hit  the big time, in the toilets of the Mountain Cafe in Aviemore!

It is the Annual Fort William Mountain Festival A great few days of mountain adventures. Well worth a visit!

Fort William MTN Fest


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After dinner speaker Lecturer and Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 36 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 4 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer and loves the wild places.
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2 Responses to Off to Aviemore Lecture – Erosion at Cummingston sea cliffs – who cares? Fort William Mountain Festival.

  1. Rosie says:

    Thank you so much for this post! I’m trying to do a geography project on erosion around Cummingston due to climber and have been trying to find material. Would be great to talk more about it, thanks

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