What you doing Friday 27 Feb 2015 ? Why not come and support Outfit Moray at Findhorn Universal Hall ?

Spirit Of Adventure Talks Universal Hall Findhorn –  The Park FindhornIV363TZ

Sponsored by Windswept Beer Tickets £5.50 available at the door or from seetickets.com

“A Heavy Affair with the Mountains! – Friday 27 Th February at 1930 door open at 1900

Al Gilmour “Biking by numbers”  Thursday 26 March at 1930 doors open at 1900

Steven Bowens “Rowing the Atlantic” Wed 22 nd April at 1930 doors open at 1900.

Last Year I was asked to help a local Charity Outfitmoray who do so much for the local area especially introducing young people to the outdoor life that I have enjoyed so much in my life. I was lucky that though part of a big family we spent lots of time in the mountains and wild places. Money was tight but the wild was free and I had a great childhood with a loving but strict family. I enjoyed the wonderful delights of Arran great long days in the mountains and Glens and swimming in Glen Rosa. Later and  for many years and then in the Boys Brigade I had great days of camping with the Duke of Edinburgh Award. Huge days as a young lad that gave me memories for ever. I  was lucky as in the days before the world became “risk averse” teachers took us out on the mountains and further lit a flame that was to burn inside me for ever. As you do when you are young and being a Church Of Scotland minister’s son I was a bit of a wild child at the time and with limited jobs in the late 60’s I was lucky I joined the RAF. I like many got a chance on the military and it was to be a great lifeand I could have easily gone the other way.  In the RAF I met many others who had a lot harder time than me in life and some like me joined the RAF Mountain Rescue and many lives changed for ever. It was amazing later on seeing these young wild people develop into great citizens of the human race people who on many occasions risked their lives for others. As one who went through the ranks and the Mountain Rescue system and became a Team Leader in the RAF Mountain Rescue Service this was always an incredible facet of a hard job. I was lucky to have met been trained by the best and pass my limited skills on to future mountaineers. This journey took me all over the world including the summit of Everest with the two summiteers I had helped to train. I also saw these same  men and women involved in many tragedies in the mountains from the horrors of Lockerbie to the tragedies every year in Scotland’s mountain fatalities many I was involved with. I got to know Scotland and its people so well travelling to a new Glen area every weekend. I visited many of the remote Islands and met so many special people on Call -outs and training. At the end of my RAF Career I worked in the Aeronautical Rescue Coordination Centre (ARCC) at Kinloss in Moray and worked with SAR Assets throughout the UK and the world. This I feel gave me a unique insight into Search and rescue which I am still involved with today.   I was also involved with the Scottish Mountain Rescue Organisation Serving as Chairman and also the Accident Stats Officer for many years.  I want to help develop and publicize these skills that many of the Outfitmoray instructors posses  to benefit this  young generation in Moray and that is what the lecture is about next Friday at the Findhorn Universal Hall. These skills are life enhancing: Team work, trust, care, communication,fitness and so many personal skills that can be used throughout life and are never forgotten. I am still heavily involved in education in Mountain Safety and have so many tales many happy some sad about my life in the mountains. It is a journey looking back on that was incredible and I hope to pass on the tales and hopefully inspire others that “wee laddie” from Ayr who was given a chance has seen and many characters who influenced him in his life. It will be honest and I hope inspiring.


Please come and support this and the other talks. It is not about me but about the incredible people who I have met on my life in the mountains and in life.  To watch a young person area care and carry out first aid in a life threatening situation  to someone they have never met before is incredible. Watching them develop into incredible valued members of a society that at times cares for little is so rewarding. I have been privileged and have seen this so many times. We can all be given a chance  and can all put something back into this great country and its wild places.   It is a charity event and all money raised will go to the charity and this is the first of 3 lectures.    Lets give the kids of Moray a chance to develop safely and hopefully that spark will light a flame that will change many lives forever. Please book to at least one of the lectures the dates are below. If not please pass on the work of Outfitmoray a great local organisation.

Spirit of Adventure Talks at Findhorn Friday 27 Feb at 1930 - doors open at 1900.

Spirit of Adventure Talks at Findhorn Friday 27 Feb at 1930 – doors open at 1900.


The Honour of being a Patron

“Many thanks for the honour of being the First Patron of Outfit Moray and I will try to do my best for you. I have read and met some of your instructors on my travels and heard lots of good things about the organisation and the work you do and if I can help in any way I will. Outfit Moray are great asset to the local community I am especially interested in their vision to get youngsters out in outdoors and all the benefits that this brings.

“I am looking forward to using my years of experience to help Outfit Moray continue with their amazing charitable work in using outdoor learning and adventure to develop the potential of young people, their  families and communities; building selfconfidence, growing self- esteem, improving life skills and encouraging active learning. As a charity and social business, Outfit Moray is unique in its holistic approach, valuing courage, compassion, patience perseverance and integrity. Through encouraging risk awareness, positive risk taking, teamwork, leadership and a selfless approach to others, they are very successful in increasing health & well-being, encouraging resourcefulness and creating a sense of purpose in young people.

Outfit Moray – 



Our Vision

Outfit Moray changes lives by creating the opportunity for everyone to take part in outdoor learning and adventure activities irrespective of their ability, financial position or location.

Our Mission

To actively develop potential and make a difference to the lives of others, and in particular young people, their families and communities, through accessible and affordable outdoor learning and adventure: building self-confidence, growing self-esteem, encouraging life skills and improving health.

We take a holistic approach to developing potential, using outdoor adventure to build trust, to challenge and to provide focus; valuing courage, compassion, patience, perseverance and integrity. We encourage risk awareness and positive risk taking, teamwork, leadership and a selfless approach to others. It is our aim to increase happiness and improve well-being, encourage resourcefulness and create a sense of purpose in life.

We value volunteers, providing training and development opportunities to enhance their skills, enabling them to participate in our work and use outdoor adventure to change lives.

Our Aims

  • To increase the capacity to deliver activities by developing a strong volunteer programme
  • To achieve a range of key outcomes relating to life skills and personal development
  • To provide a wide variety of outdoor activities that are imaginative and challenging and where ‘positive risk taking’ is encouraged
  • To support key agencies, organisations and groups in Moray to make Scotland a wealthier, fairer, healthier, safer, smarter, stronger and greener society
  • To build effective long-term partnerships with local community organisations, other social enterprises, the local authority and private sector business.

Our Outcomes

  • Continuous progress towards being at least 50% financially sustainable
  • Volunteers skills are enhanced through training and development opportunities and experience is gained through regular contact with young people
  • The life skills of young people (including leadership, team working, communication, personal planning and taking responsibility) will be enhanced and improved
  • People will be more active outdoors and consequently healthier in mind and body
  • Young people will be more engaged in learning
  • The confidence and self-esteem of young people in particular and others supported by the project will be  developed and improved

Fundraising and Sustainability

To fulfil our objectives we work hard to raise funds and subsidise our activities. However, to sustain our level of commitment to the communities of Moray we are in constant need of donations from Grant Making Trusts, Corporate Organisations and Private Sponsors.






About heavywhalley.MBE

Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 37 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 3 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer when body slows, loves the wild places.
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  1. Ian Rideout says:

    Great piece Heavy, looking forward to Friday, many thanks.

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