Lurchers Crag Cairngorms and a walk at Hopeman

The Bairns looking towards Lurchers  Crag

The Bairns looking towards Lurchers Crag Larig Ghru

The bairns got back from a good day out at Lurchers, Crag above the Larig Ghru Pete was pretty tired when he came home used to sun and hot Cornish Granite in Cornwall and tales of a good day. The boys had a quick walk in ( a man thing ” the mountains are not a gymnasium for your egos”) They wandered in above the Chalamain Gap in the Cairngorms and there were only a few others on the crag. As far as I can tell they climbed North Gully and had fun on the ice. Pete checked his bag when he got back and found he had a wheel nut spanner in his bag, strange thing to carry Pete/  He is away again early this morning climbing in the Cairngorms and sorting his gear out again as we speak.  Top tip always worth checking your gear after a day out for problems with axes, crampons etc and ensuring everything is dry after a day in the snow?

Lurchers Crag a good day - Photo Pete Greening.

Lurchers Crag a good day – Photo Pete Greening.

I wandered across to the Golf Course at Hopeman and wandered walking round only 9 holes that was enough, the healing process is so slow and sore. It was a lovely day though with sunshine though a bit of frost was about and good to get out and have some chat with the Seniors who were having their Wednesday Tournament. The hills across the Moray Firth were snow-covered from about 1000 feet and I was looking at them with envy, it seems a long time not to be in the mountains. The Moray Firth is busy with an oil Rig and other supply vessels around and the weather made all the difference. It was not the hills but a least a lovely walk in great surrounds.

Friday lecture at Universal Hall . Findhorn.

Friday lecture at Universal Hall . Findhorn. You can get in at the door at 1900 for 1930 !

I am still working on my chat at Findhorn on Friday at the Universal Hall , you can get in at the door and I hope we get a good crowd. It is for Outfit Moray a local Charity that helps introduce kids into the wild places and gives them a taste of Outdoor life and the chance to learn new skills and confidence that will last a life time.



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