The Northern Corries were busy – Watch the Avalanche Risk if over on the West!

Bright walk in to the Northern Corries.

Bright walk in to the Northern Corries. Photos Pete Greening

I awoke yesterday as Pete was crashing about early yesterday but still had a later start and was off to see what the weather would bring in the Cairngorms.  The forecast was to get worse later in the day and the Kernow Climber and “Handsome Al from Nairn”  seemed to have had a good fun day as the weather got a bit more Scottish. I am still the worlds worst patient and when Pete came back late ( dinner in the bin) with tales of ” everyone was in the Corrie” and doing the arm actions of his second route I had enough. I left him pulling up on imaginary rock/ice in my front room, and in the world of a crazy climber. I have not been on the hills since Christmas day and it is driving me crazy.  It was great to see that they had a good day though and they got something done despite the wild weather.

Over on the West

Over on the West

Over on the West the  weather  looks even wilder and they have given the High Avalanche forecast for this area . Please have a read and take notice please, the Scottish Avalanche Information Service and the daily blogs are an exceptional tool to help you with planning your day.  Well worth a daily look to see what is going on in each area.

The weather getting a bit worse later in the day.

The weather getting a bit worse later in the day. Photo P Greening/ Al Barnard .

I was reading about lots of snow on Ben Nevis and wadding into climbs and some dodgy slopes yesterday. The world of the internet makes interesting reading and it is amazing to see what is being done this winter and yet I doubt if I will get out till Spring! The Moray Mountaineering club is off to the wilds of Knoydart this weekend but there is no way I can go but my heart will be with them. I hope the weather holds for them but it does not look that great whatever it is a magic place to be.

The bairns posing!

The bairns posing! I would love to be there!





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