Macpherson Mountaineering – a sad loss 47 Years of Mountaineering/walking advice.

Macphersons Mountaineering

Macpherson Mountaineering

It is sad when a great part of the mountaineering community closes. Macpherson Mountaineering in Inverness has been a big part of the Mountaineering scene in the Highlands for 47 years. I always liked to buy whenever I could from the local shops to help keep them in business. There were lots of great local shops about and I would use them whenever possible. We had a great shop in Forres long gone after my best friend was killed in a climbing accident. In Glencoe we had Paul Moores shop another fantastic shop in a great area gone. There was also Cive Rowland in Inverness and in Kingussie another friend Dave Tomkins had a good place. Skye also had a another in Portree so these are hard times.  These were great places to have a chat and a coffee and always a good deal. I had a few visits when I was with Torridon Mrt and we spent out kit allowance at MacPhersons. I sent many people to the shop telling them they would get sound advice at a fair price and how we need mountaineering shops in the area. There are still a few up at Ullapool and in Aviemore trying there best against the big battalions and long may they continue.  These were social places as well before the internet many had a new routes book to look in awe at and always a brew on bad days when you bought that never used bit of gear! How many changes has Dennis seen in these 47 years?

This was from his son a tremendous climber in his own right Pete

“My Dad Dennis  is retiring soon and the shop is hopefully going to sell shortly. We are having a closing down sale of sorts and are trying to spread the word. I have lots of item going really cheap like la sportive nepal extreme evo  for £200. Could you possible spread the word to those you know in MMC and anyone else who might be interested in a good deal. Thank you in advance for any help you can give.”

I tweeted this yesterday and got some lovely replies.

“great shop they would tell you that you did not need that!”

“will be sadly missed in the Highlands!”

“Great wee shop and the advice and help Dennis and Pete gave was out of this world and they were very supportive of MRT too, we could trash a bit of kit on the hill at the weekend call the shop on the Monday and have it a few days later – top service. Happy retirement Dennis!”

Macphersons is at – Church Street, Inverness, Inverness-shire IV1 1EH
01463 711427

Have a great retirement Dennis as soon as I feeling better I will be up to see you. Thanks for all the help and kindness over the years. I know a few young climbers /walkers who got great deals that set them up for a lifetime in the wild places.

Please share and even better pop in that bit of gear you need may be there!

About heavywhalley.MBE

After dinner speaker Lecturer and Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 36 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 4 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer and loves the wild places.
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5 Responses to Macpherson Mountaineering – a sad loss 47 Years of Mountaineering/walking advice.

  1. STU says:

    sad cant see the old bugjies go


  2. Rick Freed says:

    I had the privilege of meeting Dennis last September when my Wife and I visited Scotland. Macpherson’s shop was exactly the place I hoped to find and make sure my plans weren’t insane.

    They were. I had an inkling to do An Teallach and Dennis very patiently–with a bit of a smile and a head shake– suggested the alternate plan of Ben Wyvis.

    Being on my honeymoon, it was the much better choice (understatement of the year) as I didn’t wind up in traction, bereft of life, or rescued by a MRT.

    We had a very nice walk that day. I did a leisurely climb, and it was very clear with few clouds.

    So I credit Dennis with saving my neck, my marriage and our trip as we made the second leg of our journey to Italy unscathed.

    Cheers to Dennis from verdant Oregon, USA. Have a happy retirement!

    Rick Freed Savage
    Megan Freed Savage

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  3. Cnocspeireag says:

    I used to enjoy my visits to the old shop. I knew Mr MacPherson was to retire but was genuinely upset to find it closed. I always had excellent advice over the years about waterproofs, jackets and bits of kit. Clearing out old receipts I found I’d bought at least nine pairs of boots from them over the years. I was pleased with all of them.
    I now need new boots, almost certainly Meindl and I don’t know anywhere else. Does anyone have suggestions for a shop that keeps good stock and will give reliable advice?

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