The true story of the Jesus Stone on the Dava Moor – who changed it to KMRT Saves! 25 years on!

The  power of the internet reveals a mystery after 25 years


Not sure which of your email addresses to use but I hope one of them gets this to you.
Saw you on TV last night talking about the 202 Sqn Farewell Party and it reminded me that I should drop you a email.
Anyway it was great to see everyone at the last KMRT Reunion in Newtonmore, it was ten years since the last time I attended but folk had not changed that much just looked a bit older. As I had arrived a bit late I ended up at a table with two of the older Troops and one of their sons, they had some fantastic stories to tell and had been at your lecture in the afternoon, they said that your opening slide showed the “KMRT SAVES” rock, this took me by surprise as I had thought this had been a long forgotten misdemeanour, I did confess to the gentlemen at the table my part in the “repainting” of the rock and as you had already gone for an early night asked Kenny to mention it to you at breakfast as I had to leave early for a meeting in Edinburgh. 
When I got home I went on line and found the KMRT SAVES picture, cant remember where I saw it but you will probably know, what made me feel even more guilty was when I read the caption under the picture that said something like “Sgts Walker and Webster to report to the Team Leaders office on Monday” what it should have said was “Cpls Barton and Garwood to report to the Team Leaders office on Monday”, we knew it had caused a bit of a stir but we didn’t realise that Davie and Brian were getting the blame for it, Id like to think we would have owned up if that had been the case, I still get a Christmas card from Davie !
Your be pleased to here that phase two of the plan was never seen through to the end, we did a couple of recces to Keswick Bridge, one of which resulted in us abseiling off in the dark almost through the sunroof of a courting couples car parked under the bridge, so that was twenty plus years ago but I will make my apologies to those who took the “bollocking” for us when I see them.
I’m on nightshift tonight, just watching the news about that tragic aircraft crash in the Alps.
Kind Regards


About heavywhalley.MBE

Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 37 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 3 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer when body slows, loves the wild places.
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