Sea King in action right up to the end on Ben Nevis.

Many thanks for the huge interest in the Blog on the Farewell to the Sea King at RAF Lossiemouth and Leaconfield. The interest and comments have been superb,the Sea King was in action up to the last moment. This is from Lochabers MRT  Facebook Page.
Lochaber logo
 “The team have been out this evening searching for a young man who went to walk up the Ben Nevis track yesterday. Unfortunately he has not been located and a full call-out is planned for the morning. R137 also assisted. They hang up the keys for the last time in the morning. It would be our privilege if their last active service was in Lochaber. “
The weather has been awful yesterday with snow and sleet at sea – level and a bitter wind. On the hills it will be full winter conditions, just now the windows are rattling and sleet is again hitting the windows. My thoughts and prayers are with those who continue the search on Ben Nevis. Be careful and you are all in my thoughts.
202 SQN
The yellow bird
The highlands are a wild land
Nature rules and needs a hand
The Sea king reigned for 40 years
So many lives saved so many tears !
Off men and women
Brave and true
They flew the beast in gale and snow
In  snow and ice and blizzard too.
On the seas and bucking decks
Life’s were saved that should be wrecked.
On islands in storm and wind
They brought to hospital the very ill
Bairns were born lives were changed
Wherever the Sea King ranged
It was on the great mountains high
My memories are still alive
Great flying in conditions bad
We thought to fly they must be mad
Scary flight through storm and night
Yet they pulled it off they were right
How many saved by this great machine.
We will never know it seems a dream
The Golden age of SAR is closing fast
We say farewell to the past.
No longer will we see the Yellow bird
Above the sea and hills above.
Memories as clear as day
This great aircraft has so much love
From all who see you fly away
We will miss you so much today
How many lives have you touched
Farewell  you are so loved
It is so sad this is the end
Of military SAR in this land
Wherever tales are told
Off Rescues and the bold
The Sea king will be in our thoughts
Treasured memories hard won and fought
Thanks for all the lives spared
to these brave men and women
 Those who dared Link to UKC Climbing  Sea King article

About heavywhalley.MBE

After dinner speaker Lecturer and Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 36 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 4 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer and loves the wild places.
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