All the best for Rachel’ s Last Munro ! And a Poem !

The enthusiastic Rachael battling the elements in Knoydart on Meall Bhuidhe som lassie. Photo Moray Mountaineering Club.

The enthusiastic Rachel battling the elements in Knoydart on Meall Bhuidhe som lassie. Photo Moray Mountaineering Club.

I was really looking forward to meeting today Rachel who completes her Munros in the Cairngorms on Bynock Mor. I am sure her friends will be out in force from the Moray Mountaineering Club.  Unfortunately I will not make it as I feel pretty rough so will not be able to go and daren’t risk my already slow medical recovery being daft. I am so glad that Rachel is going to complete and have a great day in the Cairngorms and will be with them in mind at least. The Munros completion is still in my mind a great journey throughout Scotland’s great hills and still an achievement that most would love to do. So have a great day Rachel and enjoy the great pleasure of a day on the hills with all your friends.  I have a wee present for her as she is now into hill running as well as the mountains a book I recommend and hope that she now continues on a journey enjoying Scotland s wild place.

The Munros

These  are Scottish mountains over 3,000 feet (914.4 metres) and there are currently 283 summits classified as Munros and 227 subsidiary ‘Tops’. These were originally listed by Sir Hugh Munro who published his first tables of mountains over 3,000 feet in 1891. The term ‘Munro’ is commonly applied to these mountains and those who climb them all are termed Munroists.

Worth joining the Munro Society

Worth joining the Munro Society

The Tables of 3,000 foot peaks compiled by Munro have been revised from time to time, the last major revision by the Scottish Mountaineering Club (SMC) being in 1997. A further revision was made in 2009 when Sgurr nan Ceannaichean above Glen Carron was re-measured, found to be only 913 metres and subsequently demoted to Corbett status. I think this is daft and a Munro should be what was decided all these years ago! Any comments

Sir Hugh Munro did not manage to complete an ascent of all the summits on his list; instead the Rev. A. E Robertson became the first person to complete ‘The Munros’ in 1901. By contrast, there are currently (summer 2011) over 4,700 people known to have climbed all the Munros and recorded their completion with the Scottish Mountaineering Club . Over 5000 by 2013 !!!


The Munro write up from Pete Mac Gowan RAF Kinloss Team Leader I finsished withTom MacDonald in 1976 !

The Munro write up from Pete Mac Gowan RAF Kinloss Team Leader I finsished withTom MacDonald in 1976 !


Munro Compleatists!

1901 – 1970 – 96 Munroists

1970 – 1980 – 211 – (115) number 146 (1976)

1980 – 1990 – 721 – (510)

1990 – 2000 – 2310 – (1800)

2000 – 2013 – 5000 – (2690)

These are only the number who have registered how many are there who have not?

The Munro’s – Thanks Sir Hugh

It was a race to finish
A list to complete
For a name in a book

For years we took you for granted
Like a lover
Then gone.

So many great memories
Now the hills are battered
By so many feet?

Who are we to criticise
we have all used you?

For many the first is
like love,life changing?

So many are now enjoying
what we had when young.

Go and have fun and savour
Those Munro days in the sun.

Heavy summit Schiehallion 24 July 2014

On 8 th round – and sadly still single married to the mountains and wild places!

I hope it will be the Corbett’s next for Rachel and of course the Munro Tops.l My hero Manny Gorman has a signed copy of his book for her so I am sure she will be impressed and revitalised by this incredible journey.

The Corbetts in 70 days – A daily account of the 70 day journey, including background preparation and planning.

Personal accounts from the many supporters and blog contributors.
86 colour photos, 20 annotated route maps, route statistics, Corbetts index.

Signed on request.

Available for £15.00 + p&p within UK from


“You’re an idiot, but a truly inspirational one!”

A must read for all lovers of the Mountains!

A must read for all lovers of the Mountains!


Manuel Gorman

Climbing the Munros can easily become a passion. Starting off on the right foot with suitable equipment, understanding the skills required and taking time to get necessary training and information will lay the foundation for many enjoyable and safe days in the hills.


“As your tally of Munros increases you may become more interested in the history and culture of the mountain areas, and how the Munros were named. While guide books offer translations of hill names, the correct pronunciation of the Gaelic names remains for most, elusive”


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After dinner speaker Lecturer and Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 36 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 4 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer and loves the wild places.
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