Munro Adventure Day 7! Should we leave the Munros alone ?

A good friend is trying to complete the Munros in 100 days with his dog Penny he has allowed me to copy his blog  so enjoy the great adventure!


The incredible Penny! Photo D. Whitelock

The incredible Penny!
Photo D. Whitelock

MUNRO ADVENTURE Graeme and Penny the Munros is 100 days
2015 DAY 7 ( 7th MAY )
Ben Chonzie Ben Vorlich
Stuc a’ Chroin
After yesterday’s hills I spent the rest of day getting supplies in the local shop in Crianlarich and the owner also kindly allowed me to fill up my fresh water tank in the van,then i headed to the green welly stop in Tyndrum for coffee cake and WIFI. After leaving I headed to Comrie and up Glen Lednock to Coishavachan where I parked up for the night. The morning was sunny and clear and 2 degrees, I altered my plans slightly today due to Fridays weather being better,off at 7.40 past Invergeldie cottages and up the road almost as far as it went then a NNE track to a fence which basically went to the summit , there was a dusting of fresh snow high up and a cold NW wind blowing, didn’t hang about and retraced my route back to the van . Had a early lunch then drove along the quiet south Loch Earn road to Ardvorlich. Boots on again and off up the road as far as the little dam then a good dry track, at 400m the wind got up and the hail started and didn’t stop till just short of the top , quick look at the route ahead to see what the N face of Stuc a’Chroin was like , some small snow patches near the top so decided to give it a go , with a bit of dodging I eventually Made it up the steep face and onto the summit. I met a chap there and both of us went back down the same way to the bealach (much worse going down). Having skirted round the choire before and finding the track boggy I decided to go back over Ben Vorlich and have a dry walk back. Got back to the van at 4 , job done week one over.

Today’s totals

17.78 mls
2256 m
6 hrs 23 mins
17 munros to date. Great going! How is Penny the wonder dog going? 

Should we make changes to the Munros  and tops The latest is Meall Gaineimh (NJ 166 051). This is a summit at the east end of Beinn Avon.( I have done it on several occasions)

The surveying team who have measured a number of peaks of marginal heights in recent years, largely in collaboration with The Munro Society but also with the SMC, are planning to survey Meall Gaineimh (NJ 166 051). This is a summit at the east end of Beinn Avon. They say,

“This has a map height of 912m but this has has been visited by someone who has an Abney level and has estimated the height because of the rock Tor to be nearer 914m. Hence this hill has a good chance of exceeding 3000 feet. OS have already agreed to verify the data if needed.

Should we keep changing the list or leave alone ?


My view is we should leave the original Munors alone – they were Munros list  and I find the whole thing a bit crazy. Is this just my view?

Any comments?

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