The Munros in 100 Days “An Adventure with a Dog” Graeme Morrision and wonder dog Penny.

281 Munros to go Graeme and Penny.

281 Munros to go Graeme and Penny.

Most people know I love the Munros and have been lucky enough to do them several times. so many memories and great days. A few slate those who have done them but to me they were a wonderful mountaineering apprenticeship. It also let me know my country better and I did 4 big Walks across Scotland and what a journey they were. My friend Graeme Morrison of the Moray Mountaineering Club a great athlete and person is on a journey of 100 days to complete the Munros with his wonder Dog Penny. They have both done the Munros before so they will be on familiar ground. I have been given permission to use his daily blog and I will add it to mine so more can follow this great journey. How I miss the hills and these great days! I hope I cain the n meet him at some time as my health improves in the meantime enjoy the trip!

The Munros were first listed by Sir Hugh Munro (1856 – 1919) in his ‘Munros Tables’, published in the Journal of the Scottish Mountaineering Club (SMC) in 1891. Sir Hugh divided the summits into 283 seperate mountains (now known as the Munros), whilst 255 further summits over 3000 feet were considered to be only subsidiary ‘Tops’. His list caused quite a stir at the time, as it had previously been thought that there were only around 30 mountains of that height.

Sir Hugh never managed to complete the ascent of all the summits on his list, and it was left to the Revd A E Robertson to complete the first round of the Munros in 1901. Since then, attempting to ascend all the peaks (‘Munro-bagging’) has become a popular pursuit among British walkers and mountaineers.

Sir Hugh had been planning to revise his list of Munros, and after his death the SMC took over the job of keeping the list upto date. The first revised edition was publised in 1921, and several further changes were made – the most recent revision being in 2012. There are currently 282 Munros and 227 Tops.

Sir Hugh Munro himself never did complete all the ascents; at the time of his death he had omitted Carn an Fhidhleir and Carn Cloich-mhuillin (which was demoted in 1981 and which he was saving until last as it was nearest to his home). He never climbed the Inaccessible Pinnacle (“In Pinn”) on Skye but this was not regarded as a Munro on his original list – being omitted in favour of the lower summit of Sgurr Dearg from which it protrudes.

Instead, the Reverend A. E. Robertson became the first to complete the summits, in 1901. The final mountain reached was Meall Dearg (on the Aonach Eagach) – where the Revd famously kissed first the cairn, and then his wife. Recently some doubt has been cast as to whether Robertson was truly the first to complete the round as some researchers believe he may have missed the summit of Ben Wyvis. In 1923 another Reverend, Ronald Burn, became the second Munroist as well as the first person to climb all the subsidiary Tops.

The real explosion in the popularity of Munro-bagging came in the late 1980s and today the numbers are huge. Those who climb all the summits are, following old SMC tradition, known as ‘compleaters’.

The Munro Adventure with Graeme and Penny

2015. DAY 1 (1st MAY).
Ben More (mull)
Beinn Sgulaird
Started the day with a hearty fried breakfast before setting of at 7.40 with (TWD)and Alan Duncan weather couldn’t better blue skies and perfect grippy neve snow from about 650m, summited at 10am with stunning views . A quick descent lunch at the van and off to catch the 13.10 ferry back to the mainland ,said good by to Alan then headed down the Oban road for my next objective , parked at Elleric and set off at 3.30 , did a route change as there looked like a log of snow up high and this was a steep ascent, got to the summit at 5 20 and there was a few light hail showers on the way so didn’t hang about , went down a different route (mistake ) there was even more snow and all soft and wet but got down eventually in one piece. Drove to Oban and had fish and chips , now off to find my parking spot at the start of tomorrow’s hills.
13.38 mls
1945 m ascent

2015 DAY 2 ( 2nd MAY )
Beinn Eunaich to Ben Cruachan
Got parked up last night at the bridge on the B8077 for today’s hills,the morning was sunny with light clouds , it was 6 degrees a bit warmer than yesterday’s 1 degree, set off at 8 heading up the land rover track then took to open hillside to gain the steep south ridge , at about 500m I got a hail shower and a very cold wind picked up, hit the snow line at 700m all the way to the first summit, turned west and followed the snowy ridge to my second hill, took the SW ridge down to the Lairg Noe and up very steep snow covered ridge onto the Sron an Isean and onto Stob Diamh it was hard neve all the way Ben Cruachan,( it’s still full on winter conditions up here) down the south ridge then east to hit the end of the dam . My van was still quite a bit away so my plan was to go over the Corbett Beinn a’ Bhuiridh and follow the E ridge all the way back to the van , job done day 2 over.
Today’s totals
15.44 mls
2477m ascent

2015 DAY 3 ( 3rd MAY )

Due to the non stop rain and strong winds I decided to have a rest day today no point in being hell bent on following the plan there’s always tomorrow . Took (TWD) out for a short walk early afternoon and a longer one when the rain stopped later . Just chilled out in ma 🚐 listening to . .And now having a . Weather looks better tomorrow and hopefully crack on again.

2015 DAY 4. ( 4th MAY )
Beinn Buidhe Beinn Narnain
Beinn Ime
After a lazy day off yesterday due to rubbish weather the forecast for today was much better .10 15 last night got a text
get the kettle on will be with you on 20 min, my son Steven arrived to join me for today’s hills
Could still hear the rain showers even at 6am but it was what the forecast said , up at 6.45 for breakfast got bags packed , bikes ready and off at 7.20 , cycled to Inverchorachan and then followed the stream past the waterfall to the col then up the wet snowy SE ridge to the summit which had light cloud cover quick bite to eat and retraced the route back to the van at 11.15, cup of tea then drove down past the rest and be thankful about a mile and parked at the small patch of trees. Followed the stream up to the Bealach a’ Mhaim and the SE ridge on Narnain , it was clear views now as MWIS said they do get it right sometimes, back down the ridge and onto Ime in no time, had a look at the map and decided to descend NW to the col at go over the Corbett Beinn Luibhean and back to the van. Not much wildlife about but saw Ptarmigan on both outings, a bit far south for them I thought. Job done again and many thanks to Steven for the company.
Today’s totals

Day 5 – MUNRO ADVENTURE – 2015 DAY 5 (5th MAY)

Ben Vane Ben Vorlich
Got parked up at Inveruglas last night with a stunning view down the loch of the sun setting over Ben Lomand and it’s very snowy ptarmigan ridge , the MWIS said heavy rain setting in mid morning so I got up at 5.45 got organised and off by 6.30 , summits were just covered in cloud, made my way up the loch sloy dam road as far as coiregrogain and took the road SW as far as the first bridge and then up the SE ridge of Ben Vane winding in and out of-the crags , hit the cloud level about 720m and continued up through several large snow patches to the summit where it was blowing a absolute hooly , quick about turn and reversed the ascent route back to the road heading for the dam,walked up it a half mile to the path start and put on waterproofs as it had started to rain lightly onwards and upwards to hit the col and along the NNW ridge to the trigpoint where again there was a howling wind , forward 300m to the summit where strangely it was almost calm???,bite to eat and a drink and again reversed the route , the rain was steadily getting heavier but not that bad , back at the van by 12,clothes hung up to dry , by 1 it was hammering down and has been since , wise choice me thinks getting away early , tomorrow looks s— again so see what happens . Job done again.

Today’s totals
1776m ascent
5hrs 24 min

20 15 DAY 6. ( 6th MAY ) -An Caisteal Beinn a’Chroin Beinn Chabhar

Parked up the van last night at the falls of falloch picnic area ,there showed what looked like a bridge on the map so went to have a look, the river was absolutely raging with all the heavy rain all afternoon ,found the bridge which was a 8ft long x 2ft wide pallet on an angle sideways sitting on a rock either side with the torrent of water flowing between (I don’t think so)
With the MWIS saying very strong NW winds increasing as the day went on another early start was called for , drove up the road and parked opposite derrydarroch , boots on and off at 7 down past the house and open ground till I got onto the NW ridge of An Caisteal , cloud level was reached at 750m by which time it had started snowing, there was fresh wet snow down to 800m from last night and by the time I got to the summit there was about 3 inches of fresh , it continued snowing all the way down the SE ridge and onto Beinn a’Chroin , there was not a breath of wind ,the sun came out and it still snowed .Bite to eat and retrace my steps to col and descended bealach below Beinn Chanhar ,the sun came out and the ground was steaming , picked a route up the NE face to the summit which was clear , down the NW snow covered ridge to about 600m and dropped down into the corrie at picked up the new road for the hydro scheme and back along the WHW path to the van. Job done day 6 over.
Today’s totals
1470m ascent
5hrs 8mins

To be continued with photos I hope?


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