MUNRO ADVENTURE 2015 DAY 12 ( 12th MAY ) Sgorr Dhonuill Sgurr Dearg

The Munro Adventure  with Graeme and Penny his dog who are hoping to do the Munros is 100 days they are getting some wild weather as expected in Scotland in May. Graeme and Penny are watching the weather and making the best of a wild spell. This is from Graemes Blog that he allows me to copy every day.

Ben Lui pose on a great day - photo G Morrison

Ben Lui pose on a great day – photo G Morrison

2015 DAY 12 ( 12th MAY )
Ballahullish Horseshoe  – Sgorr Dhonuill –  Sgurr Dearg ( Beinn A Bheither)

Map Beinn A' Bheither
Was still parked at Dalrigh last night, no particular hurry today as forecast was heavy rain and 40 to 50 mph winds on the summits of the west, woke up late to the rain and wind howling, went to put on the kettle and no gas so waterproofs on and outside to change the bottle which isn’t in the easiest of places to access , bike and rack off to get to it ,undid the hose to reconnect and try as I might it wouldn’t go so bike and rack back on and into Tyndrum to get refills, same again with the bike and rack off and on , bottle now connected I had breakfast not a good start to the day.with the Gleann a’ Chaolais car park situated in the trees it wouldn’t give much indication what was happening weather wise so I parked beside the ski centre in the open with a clear view and in the full force of the wind and driving rain , at one point the van got rattled with gravel which the wind picked up . Timing wise I could sit it out to about 6pm if I had to so more tea , paper read , few chapters of my book read . The radio was crackling away so had a rumble in the CDs and found the perfect one CHANGES by David Bowie it’s bound to be a good omen so on its third playing there was a sign of things improving so I drove down to south Ballachulish and to the car park. Full paramo waterproofs on and away at 2.45 up through the forest on the road and then a very well made track up as far as the tree line and out into the open corrie which was basically a bog , I only had a few light showers by this time but was under no illusion what was to come , the route to the bealach was well protected from the wind and when I got there was surprised it wasn’t that bad , up the grassy ridge of Sgurr
Dhonuill and the final shattered rock section to the summit which was benignly calm ,no view today so just about turned and back to the bealach , now this is where things changed somewhat the wind picked up dramatically and it started hammering down sleet and huge raindrops so we kept a good bit away from the path on the ridge line to get some shelter and just turned into it at the final push to the top , again just about turned and down to the low point before dropping back down into the corrie and some shelter and finally back through the forest to the van . Job done just.
Today’s totals
1265m ascent
2hrs 57min
Rain lots
Wind Lots
Sleet some!

Penny in full pace - Photo G Morrision.

Penny in full pace – Photo G Morrision.

These two lovely Munros are neglected for the bigger and more famous Glencoe hills but are a magic day. Collectively they are called the hill of the Thunderbolt and is a grand mountain rising from the narrows of Ballahullish. It is a classic curving ridge defended in places by forestry and I have had a bit of fun descending in bad weather in the past! In winter it is a grand hill to be savoured with a classic ascent of Schoolhouse ridge a fun way up. It has been used by me as a good introduction to winter on many occasions with friends and the ridge when snow covered and corniced is Alpine.  The views  in good weather are magnificent I am sorry that Greame never saw anything! The path in places on the way up and done was never great!


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