Ossian Munros – Carn Dearg (955m, Munro 208) red hill – Sgor Gaibhre (941m, Munro 232) peak of the goat

The Munro Adventure Day 23 & 24 with Graeme and Penny


2015 DAY 23/24( 23rd24th MAY)
After coming off the hills on Friday afternoon it was a return to Moray to prepare for my niece Lisa’s wedding on Saturday , stopped off on the way at Alves for a haircut from my Daughter Joanne (many thanks Joey )into Elgin and pick up my bike that Dan had serviced for me ( many thanks Dan) and home , clean out the van and get all ready for off again on Sunday . It was a large wedding at Saint Columbus church and onto the Mansfield for the reception. 124 guests attended, that was 124 more people than I met on the hill in the previous 5 days !!!.

Ossian Munros

Carn Dearg (955m, Munro 208) red hill –  Sgor Gaibhre (941m, Munro 232) peak of the goats.

Donnie was joining me today so picked these hills as he hadn’t ascended them before and was in the general direction I was heading anyway, he followed me down the road as we headed over to Trinafour and the pleasant drive past Loch Rannoch and parked at the start of the Road to the Isles track just short of the station. It was quite windy when we set off at 10 and immediately at the track end signage, beware construction site ahead , didn’t look like a hydro scheme this time but there was numerous large reels of electrical cable on site, going to where ???. We followed the newly made road over the new bridge and beyond to the high point at about 550m then up onto the very windy ridge at 700m , heading N along the undulating crest and onto the clear summit of Carn Dearg, we had good views of the Glen Coe and mamore hills one way and the Ben Alder the other , with the cold wind now head on and a few drizzly showers on the go we headed to our second hill of the day , while descending we met 2 walkers who had cycled in from the Loch Laggen side and that spoiled my run of mountain solitude , one of them had thin shorts on and must have been frozen as I reckon it was one the coldest days of my trip so far . Down to the Mam Ban and a easy ascent to Sgor Gaibhre with another clear view but it was only this summit all others including the one we had just left were on the clag , didn’t hang arround and headed to Bealach Leathann , asked Donnie if he wanted to do the Corbett ( it was in the cloud, windy and drizzling by now ) that will be a no then as we headed for the track that followed the Allt Eighesch back to connect onto our inward route, while going down we came across some sort of test site , there was a triangular cage (not a trap ) which had a covered area with straw inside and small empty food and water dishes inside ???, also taped off areas and a large waterhole dug into the peat . Then it was 3 miles back to the van and nice brew

My dog Teallach at Loch Ossian one for Penny!

My dog Teallach at Loch Ossian one for Penny!

Not much wildlife again today the usual odd ptarmigan and a couple of colourful frogs.
Windy job done.
Today’s totals
1077m ascent
5hrs 53 min
61 Munros to date.

It is a grand way to travel by train to Ossian and do the Munros from there and maybe stay in wonderfully situated Loch Ossian Youth Hostel. This area has some incredible memories of wild days especially on our November walk in 1977. This is from my diary

Day 16 – 11/11/77 –  “We staggered in down from the big hills from Luibelt bothy below the Mamores and over  Stob Coire Easian and Stob Coire Mheadhoin this was a day of bogs and wild river crossings from our bothy and then eventually up onto the ridge East of the Grey Corries, It was extremely hard going of the path, very wet and boggy and then the snow, it was very deep, would the weather ever get good? Huge herds of deer were about but by now we were all three in our own worlds head down and just the occasional look at the map and compass, then the navigation got tricky. The weather was fraught but we got these two peaks in, huge Cornices and great care was needed. The wind got up and we had to get off the second Munro quickly was a very steep descent down to the Loch Treig and even more rivers, eventually we hit the railway and stumbled along it to Corrour Youth Hostel. It would be closed for the winter but a great friend the Warden Tom Rigg had left me a secret key and the bothy is a marvellous place to be he had left us coal as well.  Would we find the key if not it would be a wet night it was pitch dark as we stumbled along the railway track and then glad to be on the estate road to Corrour Youth Hostel and hopefully a great night in a warm bothy?  A long hard Day with very wet heavy boggy ground and then into the” White room” for most of the hill day, tricky navigation and wild rivers crossing’s exhausted!

Access to the Corrour Youth Hostel achieved , my great friend Tom Rigg (RIP) had not let us down and the key was where he said it would be. There was coal and lots of food so we ate a great meal and toasted Tom with a dram he left us. The fire was on it was a big stove and the gear was soon steaming. The weather was very worrying and I was really struggling with my knee Jim and Terry still going well but the constant pressure of the bad weather was taking a toll. Concentration had to be full on not just on the tops but a walk off the wrong ridge or over a Cornice could be fatal. We were very fit and strong but the reserves were being hit. The rivers were never easy and very full we were crossing many in the dark and getting soaked. I knew what was coming in the next hills and was very wary”



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