MUNRO ADVENTURE 2015 DAY 27 ( 27th MAY ) Meall Ghaordaidh – Schiehallion

2015 DAY 27 ( 27th MAY )

Day 27

Day 27

Meall Ghaordaidh  –  (1039m, Munro 93)  ‘hill of the shoulder’

Schiehallion – (1083m, Munro 58)  ‘hill of the faries’

The rocky summit ridge

The rocky summit ridge of  Schiehallion – care when the rocks are wet is needed


Parked up again last night back the Lawers NTS car park , would have stayed up Glen Lochay but abided by their rules of no overnight camping and it was only 7 miles to today’s starting at Duncroisk. As the hills were reasonably dry underfoot and any snow can usually be avoided I opted for lightweight footware . Set off at 7.30 today as I had 2 separate hill outings to do , within 5 mins I heard and spotted 2 jays a good start to the day, up through the farmers fields with cows and sheep a plenty over the stile and onto broad NW ridge following a distinct path . Into the clag at about 700m so head down to the summit trig point . Not worth hanging about nothing to see so just reversed the route and jogged all the way back to the van. My clothes got a bit damp on the hill so put them on my mobile dryer (the van windscreen ) at maximum heat and fan speed and they were nice and dry when I arrived at the Braes of Foss car park ready for my afternoons adventure to Schiehallion . I’ve got company for this outing my brother David is joining me , the weather here is bright at the moment but it’s due to change late afternoon with rain forecast so hopefully we make it before it arrives . Set off at 12.30 with the summit clear ,we made good progress up the well made path until about 900m when we unfortunately hit the clag and drizzle ,the remainder of the route to the top is mostly rocks which were pretty slippery underfoot ,

View from the Scheallion Aug

View from the Scheallion Aug

no views again but it was benignly calm and lightly flaking snow, we had a sandwich (thanks meg very nice it was to ,well apart from the cucumber ) and a drink then returned by the same route being very wary of the wet rocks ,it was by now steady rain with a strong cold wind , highlight of the day (apart from my brothers company) was just before reaching the car park we spotted a pair of cuckoo’s which look very much like a sparrow hawk but it was definitely cuckoo’s because they were singing cuckoo cuckoo .

Job done section 2 complete .
Today’s totals
1656m ascent
4hrs 47mins
74 Munros to date.



Schiehallion’s isolated position and regular shape led it to be selected by Charles Mason for a ground-breaking experiment to estimate the mass of the Earth in1774 in 1774. The deflection of a pendulum by the mass of the mountain provided an estimate of the mean density of the Earth, from which its mass and a value for Newton’s Gravitational constant could be deduced. Mason turned down a commission to carry out the work and it was instead coordinated by Astronomer Royal, Nevil Maskelyne. He was assisted in the task by mathematician Charles Hutton, who devised a graphical system to represent large volumes of surveyed heights, later known as Contour Lines.

When I was up here last July I wrote this poem!

The Munro’s – thanks Sir Hugh

It was a race to finish
A list to complete
for a name in a book

For years we took you for granted
Like a lover
Then gone.

So many great memories
Now the hills are battered
By so many feet ?

Who are we to criticise
We have all used you?

For many the first
Like love it is life changing?

So many are now enjoying
What we had when young.

Go and have fun and savour
Those Munro days in the sun .

Heavy summit Scheallion 24 July 2014

On 8 round – still single married to the mountains!

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Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 37 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 3 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer and loves the wild places.
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