Glen Shee To Glen Doll – Creag Leacach. Glas Maol. Cairn of Claise. Carn an Tuirc. Tolmount. Tom Buidhe. Mayer. Driesh.

DAY 35 ( 4th JUNE )
Creag Leacach 987 metres – Slabby rock –  Glas Maol – 1068 – Grey green hill – Cairn of Claise  1064 metres –  Peak of the hollow, or ditch – Carn an Tuirc  – 1019 metres – Peak of the Boar.
Tolmount – 958 metres a valley and a hill – Tom Buidhe 957 metres – Yellow Hill.
Mayar – 928 metres – High plain –  Driesh  – 947 metres – Thorn Bush

Section 7

Parked up last night at the Glen Shee car park beside the track that leads up to Meall Odhar , it was a nice evening and the forecast looked good for this outing. Up at 6.30 breakfast and on my way at 7.20 , going up the track within 10 minutes a pair of very protective grouse and there 6 fledglings , onwards and took a track that traversed to the col and followed the dyke all the way to Creag Leacach which was very calm for a change and also clear, back to the col and up grassy slopes onto Glas Maol in no time , next summit also had a dyke to follow for the last section which is handy when the clags down but today all was clear . Down again on a track and onto the rocky top of Carn an Tuirc . Had food and a drink here before setting of for Tolmount which was pretty well trackless all the way , down to the boggy col and up grassy slopes to Tom Buidhe my 100 th hill of the trip. The weather was changing now just as I was about to set off on a 5 mile cross country bash towards Mayer within 15 minutes the clag was down and the drizzle on so much for the good forecast, nothing else for it but to follow the compass bearing and made it no problem . Now I was back to well worn tracks and it was just a case of head down to get to my final summit of the day Driesh, the rain was heavier now and so doubled back to the col and down the Kilbo path to the car park at Glen Doll where hopefully Alan Duncan will pick me up to take me back to Glen Shee. Wild life today lots of hares young and old and lots of meadow pipet fledglings on the go trying out there wings .
Today’s totals
1456m ascent
7hrs 8mins
102 Munros to date.

About heavywhalley.MBE

After dinner speaker Lecturer and Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 36 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 4 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer and loves the wild places.
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