DAY 45 ( 14th JUNE )

The Big Day at Creag Meagaidh.

The Big Day at Creag Meagaidh.

Carn Liath – 1006 metres “ Grey Hill”
Stob Poite Coire Ardair – 1053 metres “ peak of the pot of the high Corrie”
Creag Meagaidh – 1130 metres “Bogland rock”
Beinn a’ Chaorainn – 1052 metres “ Hill of the Rowan”
Beinn Teallach – 915 Metres  “ Forge Hill”

Lochan a Choire

Lochan a Choire

Drove down to the car park at Aberarder and parked up for the night, 5 minutes later Dan arrived as he was joining me for tomorrow’s hills , he pitched his tent in a grassy area nearby then came into the van for a social few drinks , I then cooked our tea and the fresh picked rhubarb Dan had taken from his garden,now we were all fuelled up and ready for our big day tomorrow and the forecast was good . Up at 7 , breakfast in the van then took the 2 vehicles down to Roughburn leaving Dans car there for our return later in the day, back to Aberarder with my van and we started walking at 8.20. Up through the birch woods on the excellent path to where a small cairn marked the point to leave and head up the hillside towards Na Cnapanan , then up the S ridge to the summit of Carn Liath , it was Baltic in the Notherly wind so we didn’t hang about and continued along the undulating ridge to Stob Poite Coire Ardair. There are still masses of snow hanging on the rims of these corries up here and on the ascent to Creag Meagaidh it was solid snow on the plateau for the last half mile to the summit.

Creag  Meagaidh

Creag Meagaidh

The view towards the Aonachs and the Grey Corries showed just how much snow there’s still about. I was now in new territory having never done this route before, not long after leaving the summit we got real close to a pair of Dotterel which Dan got close up photos of, the long descent was easy on short moss and grass slopes, and on the way back up to Beinn a’Chaorainn the size of cornices just hanging there was quite unbelievable , there was also loads of avalanche debris in the corrie below.

Summit of Beinn a' Chourainn

Summit of Beinn a’ Chourainn

We now headed for our final summit of the day again down easy slopes to the boggy bealach and up a mixture of grass and rocky paths to Beinn Teallach, a few photos then we were on our way and down to the river in no time on easy slopes, crossed over it then a delightful path along it all the way back to the car.

A drive back up to Aberarder to end a superb day out in good company. (Thanks Dan for helping with the logistics)
Today’s totals: 18.15mls,1796m ascent.7hrs 55mins
133 Munros to date.

Map Beinn a Chourainn

Map Beinn a Chuoriainn tricky navigation .

This was another big day and so glad Penny and Graeme had great weather and good company. These hills can cause huge navigational problems in bad weather and even the Munro Beinn a’ Chaoriann due to the trick navigation on the summit ridge can cause problems.  Creag Meagaidh a huge winter climbing cliff is well known as well for epic navigation after a winter climb. I had a few wild days here when my dog Teallach in a white out went over a cornice and. went over 1000 feet and lucky we did not follow him. He amazingly lived to tell the tale and never did that again. I wrote about the day in a blog We were so lucky that day and how many times he helped us on the hill in winter with his Cornice awareness is countless.

Mans best friend?

My old pal Bracken a great Search Dog On Creag Meagaidh  RIP - Penny and Teallach would have got on well - true dogs that loved the mountains !

My old pal Bracken a great Search Dog On Creag Meagaidh RIP – Penny and Teallach would have got on well – true dogs that loved the mountains !


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