MUNRO ADVENTURE 2015 DAY 62 ( 1st JULY ) Glen Garry Complete Sgurr a’ Mhaoraich – 1027 metres – Munro 104 “’peak of the shellfish’”

The Continuing adventure of Graeme and Penny – MUNRO ADVENTURE 2015
DAY 62 ( 1st JULY )

Sgutt a Mhaorich
Sgurr a’ Mhaoraich – 1027 metres – Munro 104 “‘peak of the shellfish’”
After getting back to the van at 9.30 pm it was like a greenhouse inside having sat in the sun all day, opened all the windows and roof light to try and cool it down but within minutes the dreaded midges were on the go so had to close the door and pull up the screens. I was extremely hungry and a tad dehydrated so ate and drank for the next hour till the van became cool enough to sleep, a complete opposite I usually sat with the heating on up until now. Didn’t really settle with the heat and when I had look outside at 5am the sun was just hitting Gairich and I couldn’t resist going out to take a photo . Made myself a brew and read for a hour and half before getting up for breakfast. Afterwards i , Drove 4 miles down the road over the bridge and parked where the stalkers path begins, it’s very well built and gently winds it’s way up the S ridge as far as the 891m top and then a undulating section crossing a steep snow patch before the final rocky ridge to the summit which was pleasantly warm even though it was only 9.30 am. There was a thin mist pouring over the ridge caused by the sun hitting the snow in the corrie below but soon dispersed. The views over to the Knoydart hills of the previous 2 days were all  looking superb this morning as were all the ones to north still to climb. I had on fell shoes today as I had a fair idea the paths would be dry so nothing else for it but a gentle jog back the same way to the van.

Today’s totals:7.08 mls,939m ascent,2hrs 15min.
183 Munros to date.

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After dinner speaker Lecturer and Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 36 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 4 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer and loves the wild places.
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