Munro Adventure DAY 65 ( 4 July) -Sgurr nan Coireachan (956m, Munro 206) – “’peak of the rounded hillock’ Sgurr Thuilm (963m, Munro 193) – “peak of the corries’”

MUNRO ADVENTURE 2015 –  DAY 65 ( 4th JULY )

Sgurr Thuilm Map

Sgurr nan Coireachan (956m, Munro 206) – “‘peak of the rounded hillock’

Sgurr Thuilm (963m, Munro 193) – “peak of the corries’”
After getting back to the van i headed off on the south Loch Eil road to get to Strontian to meet up with the MMC at the Ariundle bunkhouse , went in for a quick chat before heading 500m up the road to park the van for the night. First disaster of the night I got stuck in the grass verge and had to get Jake to pull me out with his van, second almost disaster was when we were about to cycle back down to the bunkhouse, I closed the van door and heard it locking and somehow the keys were inside on the seat, after several expletives I noticed the roof light was slightly open so clambered onto the roof and managed to reach inside to open it wider and lower myself in to get the keys. After all the faffing a very sociable evening was had.

Sgurr Thuilm d

Sgurr Thuilm d

I had Joe and Jane for company today and we set off to drive to Glenfinnan , it was raining heavily all the way there and continued when we parked up in the NTS car park so had a brew while waiting for it to stop. 12 o’clock and it was near enough fair so got the bikes off the rack and set off up the tarred road going under the famous railway viaduct on route, left the bikes just after the Corryhully bothy and set off up the track for a bit before getting onto the stalkers path which wound its way steadily upwards, it was quite wet under foot after all the earlier rain but we soon got onto the rockier parts nearing the summit . We passed a large group of noisy students on route just as we got into the clag and was soon on top of Sgurr nan Coireachan , a few misty photos and we set off along the long undulating ridge towards our second hill. Joe had on lightweight foot ware and he was moving extremely fast even I didn’t attempt to catch him today, Jane was also moving well even with her excess ballast on board. The cloud level was about 800m and we could see down onto the green valleys below, spotted the Pean bothy which I spend a night in 20 years ago. Just as we started the final climb the rain came on and was persistent for about an hour, got to Sgurr Thulim and just about turned and set off down the extremely wet SW ridge with Joe doing a few acrobatics and some pole breaking .picked up
the bikes and a easy 3 mile cycle back to the car park where we were midged severely. A great round off hills spoiled a tad by the rain but the company was excellent.
Today’s totals
15.39 mls:1448m ascent,5hrs 40min
186 Munros to date.Top of Form

Bottom of Form


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