Munro Adventure 2015 DAY 71/72 (10/11July ) South Glen Sheil Ridge + 2 – Nine Munros just a wander.

DAY 71/72 (10/11JULY)

Teallach having a break on the North and South Clunnie day big hills big day!

Teallach having a break on the North and South Clunnie day big hills big day!

The Saddle (1010m, Munro 121)

Sgurr na Sgine (946m, Munro 222)    ‘peak of the knife’
Day 68 - Kintail North

Creag nam Damh (918m, Munro 274) ‘peak of the stags’

Sgurr an Lochain (1004m, Munro 131)       ‘peak of the small loch’
Sgurr an Doire Leathain (1010m, 122) ‘peak of the broad oak grove’

Maol Chinn-dearg (981m, Munro 170) ‘bald red head’:

Aonach air Chrith (1021m, Munro 110) ‘ridge of trembling’

Druim Shionnach (987m, Munro 159)    ‘ridge of foxes’

Creag a’Mhaim (947m, Munro 219) ‘rock of the large rounded hill’


The Forcan Ridge

After getting back to the van at 3pm I was tempted to go and do another hill because the weather good but that would have meant at least a 7.30pm finish, because I heading home after being on the hill for 7 consecutive days for a rest day and a 3.5 hour drive I decided not to. Yesterday was the usual van tiding and restocking and domestic chores. Today I had the company of my son Steven an Donnie, I headed away this morning at 6.45 , Donnie picked up Steven and met me at the Cluanie hotel car park , we left my van there and the 3 of us went down in Donnies transport and parked at the starting point for the Saddle. The forecast today wasn’t great rain showers and windy but what do you do, TTFU and get on with task in hand.

penny  clunnie Strathfarrara

We started down at this end as Donnie hadn’t done the first 2 hills and was doing them and heading home on his own , myself and Steven were continuing on and he was staying with me in the van.


Scramble on the ridgeIt was dry when we set off up the stalkers track and soon got to the point where we had to decide if we skirted below the Forcan ridge or climb it, a wee discussion and we set off up the wet greasy slippy steep craggy ridge in the clag, as Joe says what can possibly go wrong. It wasn’t that bad we omitted the worst bits by taking the chicken’s route round them. We reached the summit in good time continued past the trig point and turned left down a path to reach the bealach Coire Mhalagain and ascended Sgurr na Sgine by a severely eroded path running with water .


Sgurr Na Sine and the beleach.

This is where we parted company ,Donnie going back by the wet steep ridge off Faochag . We continued in the mist to eventually found a safe way off and reached the bealach, up and over the Corbett top following a old fence line and onto the first of the 7 hills Creag nan Damh. It was now just a case of continuing along the ridge on a well-used path to reach Creag Maim . We had a few light showers on the way but latterly it was getting heavier, rather than return to Druim Shionnach to descend we carried on and down the stalkers path to reach the old road below and a 4 mile march back to the van soaked .


The Saddle one of the best hills in Scotland = – so many ways up it.

Today’s totals:22.66 mls:2820 metres ascent,9hrs 14min.
216 Munros to date. Another great day.

Dreich Clunnie ridge

Dreich Clunnie ridge

These are great hills and the 9 Munros are one of Scotland’s classic hill days In the RAF MRT it was always called the South Cluanie ( with the Saddle and Sgurr Na Sgine) in winter a challenging day! It was a tester for the younger troops for a big hill day and then to complete the North Cluanie next day was another tick for the fitter troops. The climax was to complete both North and South Cluanie in a day a great hill day and one I will never forget. My great pal Blyth Wright who supported Phillip Tranter on his famous round in Lochaber which has been built on and improved but they were the early days of hill running.

The famous pies!

The famous pies!

(Named after Philip Tranter, who first completed it in 1964, this is considered to be Scotland’s original 24 hour challenge, before being extended by Charlie Ramsay in 1978. It is a round of some 36 miles and over 20,000′ taking in 19 Munros in the Mamores, Grey Corries and Aonachs together with Carn Mor Dearg and Ben Nevis. It still remains a creditable and rewarding challenge in its own right. )

Blyth and Phillip Tranter completed the North and South Cluanie on the way back from attempt on the Skye Ridge. Glen Shiel is one of the most obvious places for a long round in Scotland, with fine ridges linking a multitude of Munro summits.  The Broxap round of 29 Munros in 24 hours is beyond most people including me and actually it hasn’t been repeated since the inaugural round in 1990.  The round of the glen is far more achievable and takes in 16-22 Munros depending on which of the Eastern summits are included.

These hills are now taken at a more leisurely pace by me  and the Seven Munros on the South Cluanie are still a great day. It is also worth enjoying these hills and views and the many ridges that few walk on the illusive chase for Munros.



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