Munro Adventure 2015 Day 76 ( 15th July ) Skye Again – Sgurr nan Eag – Sgurr Dubh – Mor – Sgurr Alasdair – Sgurr Mhic Choinnich.

DAY 76 ( 15th JULY )

Skye Munros

Skye Munros

Skye Again

Sgurr nan Eag (924m, Munro 265) – ‘peak of the notches’

Sgurr Dubh Mor (944m, Munro 228) – ‘big black peak’

Sgurr Alasdair (992m, Munro 154) –   ‘Alexander’s peak’

Sgurr Mhic Choinnich (948m, Munro 217) – ‘Mackenzie’s peak’

The famous Stone shoot on Skye be aware of the loose rocks on Skye.

The famous Stone shoot on Skye be aware of the loose rocks on Skye.

With a good forecast for the next 2 days I decided to head to Skye again . After yesterday’s long day a drive all the way to Skye afterwards was probably not the best thing to do so I went as far as Lundie by Loch Cluaine parked up for the night made my tea and had a early night.
It was stunning this morning in Glen Sheil a stark difference from the last 2 hill days I had here. I set off at 8.30 and had a 1.5hr drive to get to Glen Brittle, as I approached Skye the red Cuillin was clear but the black Cuillin had light cloud cover but hopefully it would burn off later.

I set off heading for Coire Ghrunnda the nearer I got I could see Sgurr nan Eag was clear so once at the loch I headed up on a rough path just below the ridge line and finally on the ridge itself to the summit , it was calm and clear and so was my next objective Sgurr Dubh Mor . Headed down on the ridge this time and bypassed the Caisteal on the right and a scramble up onto Da Bheinn back down again and more scrambling onto the main summit. I could see a path leading to the W side of Sgurr Alisdair so headed for there , on the way I heard a rock fall from the cliffs above I ducked in against them Penny was missed by about 3 feet by a fist size rock she was a very lucky dog .By memory there was a short climb to get up onto the summit ridge which is dog proof if you have no help but I went anyway in the chance someone might turn up to help, had lunch there but no luck no one about today. Had a look down into Coire Lagan and could see the stone Shute and reckoned by going down the Sgumain screes I could pick it up which was not that bad and came onto the main Shute quite high up , ascended the remaining part and a short climb Sgurr Alasdair which unfortunately had mist on it. Only Sgurr Mhic Choinnich to go but I didn’t fancy going over Thearlaich to find Collie’s ledge on my own so went for the long option back down the shute to the corrie floor up a long slog up the An Stac screes to the col and a scramble up to the summit which was now clear again.

The small summit of Sgurr McConnich

The small summit of Sgurr McChonnich

Had a few lifts to give Penny on the way down, she seemed to get up easily enough though. A scree run saw us back at the Lochan in Coire Lagan in no time where we had a paddle to cool the feet down (and paws). Back down on the main track past the camp site and back to the van for a brew and a snooze.
Today’s totals:11.91mls,1953m ascent,6hrs 50 min.
232 Munros to date.

Sunset on the ridge at the end of a great day.

Sunset on the ridge at the end of a great day.

A great day and a superb effort by Penny and Graeme Skye is not easy I did a 3 day traverse with my dog Teallach and had some epics on that trip as I am no climber. It also shows that Penny is some mountaineer and was very lucky when that stone fell so near her.

Take care on Sgurr Na Gillean and then Skyes last Munro Blaven.

It will soon be over Penny get these last two done on Skye and then back on the big hills of the North!

It will soon be over Penny get these last two done on Skye and then back on the big hills of the North!

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