Munro Adventure 2015 Day 83 ( 22nd July ) A Singles Day. Moruisg (928 metres Munro 255) “ Big Water” Fionn Bheinn (933m Munro 246) ‘white hill’

Munro Adventure 2015
Day 83 ( 22nd July )
A Singles Day.


Moruisg Map Day 83

Moruisg Map Day 83

Moruisg (928 metres  Munro 255) “ Big Water”

Fionn Bheinn (933m Munro 246)   ‘white hill’

Beinn Rinnes Corbett just for fun?
After yesterday’s hills I just drove a couple of miles back up the road and found the perfect spot to park up for the night well off the road and a view of Loch Dughaill and the Corbett Sgurr na Feartaig in front of me .
My plans for today were to do 2 separate single hills as the weather wasn’t to be that great and getting wet and windy later on in the day. The early morning was clear and bright not really what I was expecting and I started to think about changing my plans to do the Achnashellach hills instead, it’s a very long day and the weather would probable change later so I stuck with my original plan.
Drove about 8 miles up the road to the starting point , there was no point putting dry boots on I just used the wet ones from yesterday I knew what was coming by memory, set off at 8.25 , over the river by a bridge then under the railway bridge and strait onto the bog of a track .There’s a new fenced off area planted out in birch trees mainly and the track goes through the middle of it via a gate at either end the uppermost gate as I found out has about a foot deep of pure liquid mud under it. Continued up very steeply following the left hand side of the stream and the going only eases off just before summit, there’s 2 cairns on the plateau so visited them both to make sure I was on the top of Moruisg which today I got a view from. Returned the same way and after crossing the river just before getting to the van I got the fright of my life when a gun shot went off , had a look around and seen this man in camouflage with his rifle aiming at a target board in the distance , the path crosses the line of fire should this be allowed???.
Part one complete I then drove up to Achnasheen and parked beside the school, followed the signs walkers this way which basically went up the side of the Allt Achadh na Sine , it was also a bog of a track . There’s a new mini Hydro scheme in place here and the dam is just below the bealach . It was easier just to pick a line to the summit rather than try and follow the path , on route there was a heavy shower for about 10 minutes but cleared up just before I got to the summit of Fionn Bheinn and again I got a view ,there had been a huge landslide in the Toll Mor corrie below a mixture of rock grass and snow .The Ullapool hills looked dark and I suspect getting rained on , the Achnachellach hills were looking bright and clear , returned by the same route and got back to the van dry. Went home afterwards and had a wee wander up Ben Rinnes in the evening with Steven.
Today’s totals:10.06mls,1575m ascent,3hrs 47min.
244 Munros to date.



Day 83 Torridon and Achnasellach map

Day 83 Torridon and Achnasellach map

A few years ago   The other top of Moruisg – Sgurr nan Ceannaichean – “Another lost Munro” Or was it ?

In a very heavily trailed announcement, the Glen Carron hill Sgurr nan Ceannaichean has lost its Munro Status.

The hill was resurveyed by John Barnard and Graham Jackson for the Munro Society, and was found to be only 913m. In the next edition of Munro’s Tables, the Scottish Mountaineering Club will confirm that the hill will once again become a Corbett.

The mountain formerly graced the Ordnance Survey maps at 915m, just beating the metric munro equivalent of 914.4m. But, following scrutiny by amateur hill sleuths John Barnard and Graham Jackson, it will be demoted to the ranks of the Corbetts, junior cousins of the Scottish mountain aristocracy.

The hill only became a Munro in 1981, and its elevation meant that Munro-baggers climbing neighbouring Moruisg had a more interesting second Munro to include in their day. No doubt many Munroists will continue to climb it thought it is now a Corbett once more


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