“Fourth Operation Blues” end of July 2015 an update ?

2009 Loch lomond walk off Heavy Oct

14 Days Ago –  It was an early start for Aberdeen ARI up at 0430 and a lift in by a good pal Al Swadel who works in the Oil capital. It is great as it is a long way to go 70 miles and Al goes in daily. I was in early at 0700 and not in ward till 1000 and fasting so it was a bit of hanging about! It is a strange place Aberdeen Hospital at 0700, it is busy then. The ward was busy and I went up early and waited in the Waiting room till a bed was available such is life the NHS are so busy especially in the short stay ward. My operation was late in afternoon the last one so it was a long day fasting with no food and water. It was Groundhog Day this was my fourth operation I prayed it would be the last?  I was feeling better and even managed a day on the hills. The pain was  nearly gone and life was improving slowly, I was still on daily penicillin and very tired this has been ongoing for a few years. I have an “Anal Fissure” which burst and left a hole that will not heal, it took ages to diagnose and I ill for ages. I will not go into the discomfort and pain involved but would not whish that on anyone.   (Worth a Google words like “broken glass and bowel movements, intense pain, etc”)

Teallach helmet

The operation went well, I was last on about 1530 a long day  and I was told that I would keep my drain in but it was healing well. It was a huge disappointment at the time, my mind was back to this awful pain, discomfort and misery but that is the way it goes!  I felt so down as was sure this was it. I was praying that would be it but the surgeon wants to be sure all has healed and all the infection is gone. You have to keep your head up despite what is happening I just need to be fit again.  Head games begin again.  I was in all night after the operation and it was incredible to see the care given by the Nurses! They were at it all night, few slept it was all go so I read for most of the night. I had little pain as the anaesthetic was still working on me the pain would come later. There were so many a lot worse by far than me in that ward many having a real rough time. Next day my lift was not due till after 1600 and I cannot go home without someone being with me for good reasons but I was soon out of the bed it was needed. The day room was busy but I watched the golf for most of the day the Nurses were so busy it was non-stop all day. This is the NHS on a typical day and it was impressive and I wish those who criticise it could be here?


Poor Al my lift was working late and we soon got home the roads were clear but (how does he do that journey every day?)   I was feeling rough any operation in this area is painful and I  needed my own space and privacy the pain was coming and it would be a hard few days ahead. The weekend was as expected very hard as the aesthetic wore off and the pain was back, intense and numbing. Trips to the toilet were misery and I had to lie down for a few hours after each time. It is easy to let your spirits fall but it will get better!   I know from experience what is coming, the mornings are intense and my eating is carefully monitored. It has been so long and yet I managed a few walks hobbling about, down to the harbour, I had to get out.   Sleep is so hard and sitting is uncomfortable it is the usual pattern for a while!  It is not easy to talk about but the hot baths in the day and at 0200/ 0500  and fun in the loo are not easy. At least I am home and pray that this time it will heal and I can get my life back. Two weeks on and things are getting better, sleep is now about 3 hours and the baths down to about 2 a day. I managed a few  games of golf 18 holes and that is great . I watch the painkillers as they make me feel worse but need to get outside as much as possible. Still on penicillin but hope and pray the end is nigh and life will get back to normal. I still get the nightmares (PTSD)  so now off the painkillers it is amazing how things return to the mind but that was part of my life. This period brings a new meaning to “pain in the arse” an ongoing joke. Life goes on everyone says you look great and I have managed a bigger walk now about 4 kilometres and get out every day, without that I would be struggling.   I will be glad when it’s all over. Managed a  full game of golf now and that is great, the pain now after two weeks is gone, I am off the penicillin at last after 6 months and sleeping getting better, I hope to try a short hill day/rock climb  next week, maybe I am getting there!!!

My family and friends have been so good so many texts and cards and even a bunch of flowers from the Grand-kids but in the end you are on your own and it is a great test of will power.


I am lucky as Lexi and Ellie Skye cheer me up daily with their adventures, the sun is out and must get out bring on the summer please.

Just been down by the cliffs and seen the dolphins magic jumping in the sea incredible it is well worth getting out and seeing what you can do?


We will see what happens next?

About heavywhalley.MBE

After dinner speaker Lecturer and Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 36 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 4 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer and loves the wild places.
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2 Responses to “Fourth Operation Blues” end of July 2015 an update ?

  1. Ach, sounds horrible, and one of those ailments that attacks your dignity as well as your body, so heartening that you’re tackling that head on and writing about it. If a positive attitude helps then you’re taking the best medicine (along with the antibiotics and pain killers of course!).
    Thinking of you and wishing you well.

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