Leave nothing but footprints – Kill nothing but time ? Ben Nevis Rubbish – Festival rubbish?

Last year I took some pals up Ben Nevis by the Mountain Path we left early at 0500 as they had a boat trip booked on Loch Ness at 1500!  They were a bit tired to say the least. I always take a spare rubbish bag with me and was shocked at the litter left. We carried of over 40 plastic bottles mainly the so-called energy drinks,d  energy sachets and other rubbish all dumped on the path. I wrote on my blog about this at the time and what can we do, FEW SEEM INTERSTED ? So many are using the mountains  nowadays which is great but it is up to us to ensure that we look after these places. There are still Charities and other organisations and groups using the Ben and other hills and some are leaving such a  mess it is so sad.  The John Muir Trust every year have a clean up on Ben Nevis and their volunteers do a great job but what a mess.  Why oh Why?

leave nothing

Nothing changes if anything it gets worse! This was from a pal from a day on the Ben recently “Time to get on my mountain soap box…..disappointed to see a huge amount of litter left at the summit of Ben Nevis yesterday. This is what I brought down from the summit and path on the way down. Picking up other folks rubbish is not something I normally do but felt the need when I saw so much. I do however draw the line at picking up other folks shit. Yes you read right, more than one person had thought it acceptable to defecate BESIDE the path, leave their loo roll and make NO attempt to bury or cover their waste! Shocked, appalled and most of all saddened that some people think this is acceptable to do in our beautiful mountains!! How can we educate and stop this??!! Rant over, stepping down from box….”

Rubbish on the Ben - Photo R . Higgins

Rubbish on the Ben – Photo R . Higgins

It is not just Ben Nevis but many other hills and the bothies that are left in a state. My pal Caingorm Wanderer in his blog found all this rubbish on a visit to Corrour Bothy in the Cairngorms. He cleaned it all up and brought it all back, why oh why? How could people leave such a mess?

Rubbish at Corrour Bothy - Cairgorm Wanderer.

Rubbish at Corrour Bothy  what a tragedy Cairngorm Wanderer.

This is a society that leaves so much rubbish at Rock Festivals, tents, sleeping bags by the hundreds no one seems to think this is unacceptable?   This is now  so acceptable that we use and throw away  and as always someone else will clean up the mess. This  throw away society goes back now to many generations, since the 70’s ?  What chance have we of keeping our wild places and cities clean and tidy  with these examples of waste and lack of thought for the environment.

How do we teach the kids of the future that this way is not acceptable. Comments please???


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Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 37 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 3 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer when body slows, loves the wild places.
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